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Knockaround sunglasses - thoughts?

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    Knockaround sunglasses - thoughts?

    I just saw a post on bowties and boatshoes about a sunglasses brand called Knockaround. They're just $30 for a pair of polarized glasses, and the style looks to be right on. So before I pull the trigger, I was wondering if any of you had experience with the brand? Is it worth getting, or are there better alternatives? Pictures on your face would be awesome too, if you have anything.




    I have a pair of Knockaround Fort Knocks from a while back (the tortie variant). They are pretty decent for the $25... better than the basic plastic sunglasses you will find in most retail stores. But at the end of the day, they are still just inexpensive plastic sunglasses. Don't buy them expecting more than that.

    They're a bit on the large side. Mine are almost too big for my face. Fortunately they are very lightweight.




      I ordered them after seeing them on Primer Magazine a long while ago, they were too big for my face.



        Really that Knockaround sunglasses is cheap, imagine if you buy branded type of that style, perhaps it will cost around $200.



          I ordered two pairs this summer to be well my knockaround pair of shades, for the beach and such.

          The premiums left a lot to be desired. They were kinda small on the face and flimsy. But the color options do make it pretty cool. and you can rub off the knockaround logo on the side of the arm pretty easy. I got the chocolate brown and they to have more of a purplish hue to them in person.

          The fort knocks were surprisingly awesome for the price. Nice strong hinges and a decent heft to them. You do have the kind of obnoxious raised logo on the side but I can live with it. I got the smoke grey frames and I'm pretty happy with them.

          For the price I'll probably order another pair of fort knocks come next summer to be my "knock around" sunglasses.



            I saw their Facebook ad two years ago and bought a pair of premiums, which started to crack after a week, and finally broke after 2 months (and more cracks in other places). A few of my friends bought them as well, but theirs all broke within 3 weeks of normal wear.



              That logo on the arm of the glasses is hideous.



                I had the Tortoise Shell Fort Knocks for about 2 years before I lost them (beach trip). Held up to regular use. I think they are a little bigger than other sunglasses. I have a rounder face so they fit me well.

                I also recently bought the Mile Highs. I thought they would replace my Ray Ban Aviators. Unfortunately, they can't. Too small. But they might fit a slimmer sunglasses wearer. I ended up giving them to my sister.

                1st post! Looks like a great community. I have a lot to learn.



                  I have a few pairs of the Fort Knocks and I can not understate how amazing they are for the price. I wear them more than my Ray Bans now. They are expecially great for us guys with larger heads (read larger brains or more empty space) who find the Wayfarers a bit tight.

                  I've lost them sailing and have even sat on them before and just get a new pair. They are on every few months and you get get them for even cheaper then. I usually wait and restock at those times.



                    I think most of you are being waaaay too critical for a pair of $30 glasses. I have an expensive pair of Serengetti's that are absolutely awesome but don't look great with a suit so i recently picked up a $30 pair of navigator's from Nordstrom that I love and don't worry about too much (think I might have discovered them here actually). There is a LOT to be said for a pair of glasses you can toss in your pocket.



                      I agree with Manceptional; I've never yet, & don't plan on buying sunglasses that I'll be too upset about breaking. Nothing against anyone who spends $100 on sunglasses, but it's not my style.



                        Not to hijack the thread, but I came across Horizon sunglasses while researching this very same question. They basically look/cost exactly the same, but their logo is MUCH smaller. I'm personally gonna try the Horizons purely for the fact that they are a Florida based company (although the shades are probably made in China). I'm gonna order them soon and review them in this thread when they arrive.

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                          Think I might check out a pair of Fort Knocks. My William Rast wayfarers are on their last legs and I can't seem to find them anywhere to re-buy. Really bummed as the shape and size was the perfect ideal for me.

                          @Jason1141...saw the piece on Luxottica, very interesting but also distressing. Talk about monopoly...

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