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A few questions regarding matching colors

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    A few questions regarding matching colors

    I want to get some input from you guys on matching certain colors/combinations.

    1) Grey pants with brown belt/shoes.

    2) Navy blue and black (think black gingham shirt and navy tie, or dark jeans)

    3) Charcoal pants (like the Bonobos Game Day Chinos) and brown shoes/belt

    4) Black shirt (like black gingham Calibrate) with brown belt/shoes

    5) Black buttons on a grey blazer (like GAP Tailored Ticket Pocket) with brown shoes/belt

    These ones combos always seem to make me think twice about if they match well.


    My opinion, might be different for some :

    1- Yes, absolutely.

    2- Not sure about the tie, but jeans would be fine.

    3- Would work for me, burgundy (or reddish tones of brown) is better.

    4- Wouldn't do it.

    5- Don't overthink, it will look fine.



      1) Matches, although works better if the shade of grey is lighter than the shade of brown.

      2) Matches, but it will look dark.

      3) Probably not, see #1.

      4) No idea, but I probably wouldn't.

      5) No idea, but I can't think of a reason not to.

      WRT #1 and #3, I have a pair of brown shoes with darker brown along the seams, and I've worn them with suits of a few shades of grey. Light grey (light blue pinstrip) looks great. Slightly darker solid grey, looks great. Charcoal with chalk stripe doesn't look as good, but when I've worn them together, no one has come up to me and complained.



        Dangle - sounds like you need a black belt and black shoes!



          1) Works, but remember, it is more formal to wear shoes darker than the color of your suit/trousers. Walnut leather and charcoal grey, for example, is pretty fashion-forward and may not be appropriate in all settings.

          2) Black and jeans is fine - blue tie with black shirt, not so sure about that. You generally want to stick with a tie that is darker than the overall color of your shirt.

          3) See 1 above.

          4) Totally fine - black and brown leather don't go together well, but black textiles and brown leather go together fine. Brown textiles and black leather is a lot harder to pull off.

          5) Totally fine. Color matching in terms of belts/shoes/etc. typically applies to the leather accessories you are wearing. Minor details like buttons aren't going to clash the way mismatched leathers can.




            I think they will all look fine...

            for #4 i actually wore a black gingham shirt yesterday with rust color pants and brown/tanish colour belt and loafers. Had a tie that had some black/orange/yellow in it that kinda tied all the colors together. Got quite a few completements throughout the day.

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