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What do we think about the J Crew Preston wingtips?

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    What do we think about the J Crew Preston wingtips?

    $220 list seems steep but i just REALLY like the shape of this shoe. Perfect toe, pretty wide and thick sole, and sort of "vintage" detailing. To my eyes (and feet) it's perfect...

    But do they last? Goodyear welt construction sounds promising but who has some experience they can share? Get em but only when I can find an eBay pair for $150?

    Enlighten me please...


    I would personally get a pair of AEs if I was dropping that type of money.



      AE would be a better buy as bremersm said.

      I do agree that Prestons have a nice look. I would consider picking up a pair on the next 30% off everything sale(not just on sale items) that J Crew occasionally runs. Though this past December was the last time that happened...



        Yeah yeah, AEs... I know. The point was that I think the Preston's LOOK better. Maybe I'm nuts but just looking for options on their quality, etc.

        I probably wait for a good sale or an eBay pair



          Lol, AEs are thrown around quite a bit here. I own 8 pairs and even Im sick of hearing about them.



            Not worth it at that price...but if you wait for on of their 30% off everything or on rare occasion 40% off, grab them with a college aged friend and they can be had for 112-131 dollars which would be very solid.



              So let's hear some suggestions that are AS GOOD as the AEs



                @Acousticfoodie... That's exactly what I'm gonna do. Just wanted to hear about their quality or lack thereof. But I like the look enough that I'm getting em anyway when the price is right



                  I would be weary. I can't speak for these particular wingtips, but I have heard bad things regarding J. crew shoes in the past, from a quality standpoint. Many folks have had to return pairs in a matter of days due to poor craftsmanship. At the right price, they may be worth a gamble, but I would definitely look elsewhere.

                  Some other ideas:

                  Florsheim Veblen

                  Frye James Wingtip

                  AE MacNeil / McCallister



                    Go to Ebay. There are about a dozen NWBox for $140.



                      Waiting for my size (in black) to show up on eBay. Then they will be mine. Quality be damned I guess

                      Thanks for the other options Fiestaplatypus. Not bad looking shoes!



                        @Thomas: Here is my Frye James Wingtip (on the left) vs an AE macneil.



                          Very nice, Acoustic...

                          Right now I'm really in the market for clean black wingtips but those Frye James are next on the list. What's that color called?



                            @thomas It's just their regular brown. They are usually around 110-120 dollars with a good sale.