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    Style Blogs: What do you read?

    I've been on a quest lately for a set of men's style blogs that I could actually make use of, and have encountered serious difficulties. I'm not talking about Dappered-type blogs, but more along the lines of "WIWT" type ones. My girlfriend has a couple she reads regularly that I think are a great source of inspiration because they're just normal looking women dressing in nice but fairly traditional outfits. This isn't to say they're boring, just that they look like any well-dressed woman you might pass on the street and say, "oh, that was a really nice outfit." It's useful for a woman who wants to dress really well and look great without getting into high fashion and overly trendy arenas. Even when they're bold/eye-catching, they're not... out there.

    My issue is that when looking for the male equivalent, most of what I get is stuff like Style Blogger and arcane tumblrs with moodily lit photos of swatches of various wool cloths. I don't want either of these things! I don't have any problem with them at all; they're just not what I'm looking for. I'd like a blog(s?) for those with sensibilities similar to what I've found here. Normal, well-dressed men whose outfits you might pass and think look great, but not the type of people who watch Fashion Week like hawks, e.g. super skinny pants rolled way up with loafers paired with a Nordic/fair isle crew neck under a herringbone sport coat and a bright yellow scarf.

    Call me conservative, boring, or maybe just normal, but I'm not going to wear any of that stuff, at least not the way they wear it. So far, it's been sort of difficult to find style blogs that get any press for being clothes normal men who do not reside in NYC would wear around and not get strange looks for. So yeah, what do you guys read to get ideas/inspiration about news ways to use things you already own without going too far down the rabbit's hole of male fashion? At this point all I really do is look at the WIWT thread here on the forums and peruse Nordstrom/BR/J Crew stores to see if I like what they put on their mannequins.


    This may not be exactly what you're looking for but I like



      I do read MSP from time to time, actually! Even he can get a little eccentric for me, but I honestly like a lot of the stuff he wears. I don't find we overlap consistently enough to check it daily, but yeah... dude can wear a suit. He's also fairly pragmatic and budget-minded, which is a huge plus.



        His WIWTs are almost entirely done from what he has found thrifting. Now obviously, your mileage will vary but it should still be some good inspiration.



          acute style does a blog of clothing under $90.

          My cocktail videos >



            I've always liked







              I like blogs that post daily, which is why I keep coming back to Dappered. I also like content that I can digest quickly. One of the best sites for micro-content for men's fashion that I've found is I spent a week just going back and browsing all of their archived content recently. Learned a lot!



                Pretty sure I made an identical thread about this less than a week ago.. lol. But it's okay, there's one even older than mine and I didn't use the search function either.



                  @OP: I TOTALLY agree. I just want lots of images of practical, nice looking outfits.

                  I'm tired of all this trendy crap, fluff accessories, etc.



                    @Jason G, Broke and Bespoke just obliterates it. Thanks for sharing!



                      I like Broke and Bespoke.

                      I view a lot of tumblr blogs just for lookbook type ideas.


             is pretty cool too, as well as the everyguyed network.

             is a great blog too. Though it's not about menswear, it's got some in-depth reviews on the best bags you never knew you needed. Wallet beware!

             is a good roundup of deals, looks, etc. These Epaulet Hancock Tassel Loafers are amazing, but I'm staying out of it since I love my brown Oak Street Bootmaker trail oxfords...

             is a nice compilation of tips and looks.



                        You're very welcome.



                          Check out this list




                            Sorry if I missed your thread! I really did forget the search function was there (though it doesn't help that from my past experiences, it's been on the useless side). Some of the links you guys have thrown out are pretty solid! That said, others are more along the lines of what I don't want. For instance, the link to the 83 tumblrs led mostly to sites like this:, which I think are kind of awful and exactly what I've avoided. Sweet, a photo of a crass Zippo and a chambray-covered iPad - exactly what I need to jazz up my wardrobe.

                            I like that the sites exist, and like the idea of compilations of the good ones, but the sites that put the compilations together seem to differ about what constitutes an 'incredible' style website. There's an emphasis on photography, poses, mood, tone, sepia, evocative but antiquated notions of manhood/manliness, and in general most of the things that make me dislike men's style coverage. I wish more of an emphasis was put on a normal guy, standing there in normal lighting, with an outfit he came up with and thinks looks nice. Some of the links shared are exactly that and for those I'm very appreciative!




                              For those who shade toward the preppy side of the spectrum, we post new content six days a week, and sprinkle in as many discounts and giveaways as we can on