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How many years of distinct outfits do you have?

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    How many years of distinct outfits do you have?

    I was thinking about how many pairs of shoes I have recently, and realized that I could wear a completely different outfit (defined as a collared shirt, pants, and shoes) every day for over 100 years. Not counting t-shirts, jackets, ties, athletic clothing, or any accessories. I'm not sure if I should be amazed or depressed by this.


    Haha, I was literally just thinking of this. I have dozens of shirts and sweaters, half a dozen winter coats, probably 20 or so pairs of shoes, and... somehow, only like six pairs of pants. I think this is too much, but at the same time, really like everything I own and have difficulty trimming the fat. I think I probably have enough permutations, *in theory*, to last for decades, but obviously I favor certain combinations more than others. Also bear in mind that some of it (sweaters and coats especially) are highly seasonal.



      Counted really quickly, I might forget some stuff and make some doubtful parings (heavy wool trousers with boat shoes, linen pants with flannel shirt), but I'm at about 3.5 years.



        Maybe 2 months? I don't have many clothes. If I included non-graphic tee's, shorts, and added a category for sweaters, then about 1.5 years. But still, in reality many less effective outfits.



          Infinite. It's hard to tell with a lot of versatile colors.



            How are you figuring it out?

            Shirts x Pants x Shoes / 365?

            If you had 365 shirts, 1 pair of pants, and 1 pair of shoes, that would be 1 year's worth of outfits.

            With that math, I'm at 23.3 years having just done a big purge after realizing Medium shirts are too big for me. I excluded polos but included a pair of sandals. =D



              Yep, that formula. I have 40+ shirts, 20+ pants, and 40+ shoes (eep)

              I have a few LEC and Bonobos returns I need to make so that'll reduce it a bit, a couple of things to give away, and possibly a few things to sell. Even still it's a crazy amount, but what's almost as crazy is how little I spent on all of it.



                Hahaha I get crap over my 16 pairs! You make me feel much better!



                  Last summer I calculated how many different work outfits I could make out of the office-appropriate clothes I owned. The number was big. But, of course, not all combinations would be worthy of wearing out the door.

                  Plus, you don't exactly need a huge number of items in order for there to be a large number of possible combinations. Let's say you've got 4 pairs of shoes, 8 shirts, 5 pants, and 3 jackets. That's 480 unique combinations - a year and a quarter of different outfits every day. Throw 4 ties into the mix and suddenly you're up to five years.




                    Wait hold on though, I think the formula would be more complicated.. Maybe I'm overthinking it.

                    Wouldn't there be a factorial involved? I'm dying to use my high school math so please tell me there's a factorial somehow involved.

                    Dress for style, live for results.



                      I think it means its time to do some spring cleaning. Really, how many blue shirts or khakis do you really need? Started thrifting and I am amazed at how many of these are for sale at the goodwill versus everything else.

                      However, the one item that I always buy, even though I have enough are white button up shirts. If I see one on sale in my size, I'm probably picking it up.



                        @tomservo, the formula is correct. No factorials, sorry :-)