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Charcoal suit + lavender ensemble for an August wedding

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    Charcoal suit + lavender ensemble for an August wedding

    New to dappered, but love the community. I'm going to a wedding in August of a close friend, and I could use some help with color coordination.

    I picked up a slim Hugo Boss charcoal suit, but rather than go with my traditional / boring white shirt and black shoes, I decided to try lavendar + charcoal with brown shoes and a purple floral tie w/matching pocket square.

    Here's the photo:

    Matched with these shoes:

    I am a bit concerned about having matching colors for the shirt, tie, and pocket square (would prefer a nice contrast somewhere), but I hope the brown shoes will provide a solid contrast. I'd love any thoughts / feedback, as I'm new to a lot of these details.



    I don't think it looks bad but I'm not big on that level of matching myself. I'd keep the pocket square, and swap for a white shirt and tie that's predominantly navy or burgundy. I think it would complement the purple of the square while adding more color variety. Shoes look like they're a great pairing with the suit though.



      Not a bad idea. I'll see if I can find the right tie to pull together a white shirt and the purple pocket square.

      Thanks for the compliment on the shoes, really satisfied with them.



        More matchy than I prefer myself. Trash's reco isn't bad. I might lose some of the lavender so that you aren't overwhelming. However, I think having the tie and square both paisley is more alarming than the fact that both are purple/lavender. Personally, I think you could go white shirt and prob pull it off, but would prefer ditching the tie and going for a different but complimentary color/pattern (or lack of pattern) there. The navy/burgundy idea could work, but I was thinking possibly something in a yellow hue could be bold and work great.

        ( EDIT to change name of recommending post, as I misread the poster)



          Agree with trash and horns. Too matchy-matchy all around, especially the tie and the square.

          A good rule of thumb is that your pocker square shouldn't match your tie in both pattern and color. The former can certainly pick up on a color in your outfit, but it should be in a subtle, varied way. Alternatively, you can pick a color for your square that doesn't appear elsewhere in your outfit, but whose surprising appearance provides a nice complement/contrast.

          If you can only change one thing in this ensemble, it should be the tie or the square. I'd personally opt to change the tie, tie collection permitting. But I think even a simple white pocket square would have a pretty dramatic effect in improving the look.

          Good choice of shoes and also a good decision to pick a pale shade of lavender for the shirt.



            Considering how thin you are, that tie is way too wide for your build. It makes you look smaller than you actually are. So I'd swap out the tie for something else.



              Loving the input, thanks for the advice (keep it coming!)

              Definitely agree with trash and horns-- too matchy, it looks like I'm swimming in lavender. Something has to change.

              Standard_Deviance, I like the pale lavender shirt quite a bit as well (especially with brown shoes + charcoal). I'll try for a simple white pocket square, because I do like the dark florals on the tie.

              But as Sean pointed out, I'm a thin guy (finding a suit for my frame was a nightmare). Maybe a different, skinnier tie is what's called for here.

              I really appreciate the input, thanks a lot.



                Django, I'm 5'8", 151 lbs., and wear a 36 in the chest, so wide ties aren't the most flattering for me, either. When I began to revamp my wardrobe, I measured all my ties and realized anything over 3" wide (which was most of what I owned) had to go. I consider around 2.75"-3" the sweet spot for tie width for my build.



                  +1 Sean. That tie is way too wide for you chap. I'd stick with 2.5 to 2.75 inches in width.



                    Standard_Deviance, Jeremy, brilliant advice on the tie width. I'm a 38 in the chest, so nearly the same build-- this is probably the only thick tie I've considered.

                    I'll spend some time tomorrow finding a decent replacement tie for color and width. Thanks!



                      Check out since you may have enough time.

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