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Pant/Jean Break prefenece?

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    Pant/Jean Break prefenece?

    so this weekend I learned how to hem my jeans and keeping the orignal hem (as im a short guy this will save me alot of money). I decided to hem some skinny jeans first and some black pants and left (no break) the jeans and pants just touching the top of the tongue. I thought it was fine and liked how it looked but due to lack of a full mirror couldnt see really get a full view my wife on the other hand said it looked too short so imma pass by my moms house that has a full mirror and see for my self. what is ur prefence for ur break?


    The no break like you mentioned (just touching the tongue) is what I thought I preferred... I like the way it looks from the front. However it does appear too short from the back-for my preference. - Most of my lace-ups the tongue is a bit higher when viewing in profile. So a bit longer than that seems to work well for me. Perhaps just touching the back of the shoe?

    Also can you give me some tips on the pants hemming? I would like to learn how to do this myself.



      If you don't plan on cuffing your pants, could always go with a slanted hem, with the back of the pants slightly longer than the front.



        I prefer a medium break myself. I think for me it has to do with being a tall guy. Anything shorter than a medium break and I just feel like I look like I couldn't find long enough pants.

        That's of course not to say that i think that applies for everyone.



          On casual pants, I prefer a little break or can tolerate a medium break. I too am short (5'4") so I know the shortening effect of having too much break, but casual pants like chinos and jeans can handle more of a break, and I don't like jeans with no break.



            @Steve - have you considered the guardsman slant (where the pants are hemmed a little longer in the back)? As long as you don't make it an extreme difference, it looks completely natural.

            I always prefer somewhere around a quarter break, more or less depending on the shoe I'm wearing.



              i might try medium break n see how that looks.

              heres the link on how to hem ur own jeans:


              its pretty easy just

              cuff jeans as fare back as u like lets say 3 inches

              measure how much u want off n divid that number by 2

              (3 inches off u will use 1.5 inches)

              recuff 1.5 inches

              cut extra fabric off (to be safe leave a little just in case u need to make longer later IF u do so sew the two ends together)

              sew as close as u can to the orginal hem all around without going over it

              iron all around (i did this twice once with the jean still cuffed n another time when it was uncuffed)


              it seems the darker the jeans are the better

              I can post pics latter of mine vs tailored ones i paid for



                Why wouldn't you just sew a new hem?



                  I like a medium break on chinos and jeans, but no/very little break on dress pants



                    Lib - jeans have unique stitching, and it looks much better if you preserve that.



                      You're talking about pants "break." Here is my go-to guide.




                        "if you preserve that."

                        I'm not an expert, but don't most modern sewing machines/sergers have the ability to replicate stitching like that? If you have a sewing machine with a zipper foot and a needle for denim, I would imagine you have access to more than a straight stitch, no?

                        Interesting... I've never seen that before.



                          If you don't preserve the original hem, it would look weird. With every other type of fabric, you would use a thread that blends in with the fabric, but with jeans, manufacturers use a heavy thread in an odd color on all the seams and on the pockets for decoration.



                            Dear lib,

                            You can easily find denim threads at a fabric store, especially one that caters to garment sewing. You want the stronger thread with the stronger needle. Also, go slowly with the sewing machine. Denim is very thick and you might skip stitches if you go quickly.



                              As an aside, I am partial to full on my suit pants, but then I am quite tall.