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    Jewelry for the lady


    Looking to be pointed in a direction here. I'm sort of at a loss at where to begin my search. I've casually looked online at Kay, Tiffany etc websites, but i'm pretty lost.

    I'm looking for recommendations on where to find jewelry for my better half. Coming up on our one year anniversary, so, I'd like to get her something. I'm looking to break the bank, but also not wanting to go cheapo. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!


    One idea is Pandora.



      I like buying from small local dealers so you can see it in person and pay near-wholesale prices since you aren't helping a mall store pay inflated rent.

      As for what to buy? ALWAYS buy more of what she has. I mean it. If she wears silver earrings often but not necklaces, don't buy necklaces! Buy silver earrings! The necklaces will sit in her drawer.

      A jewelry box or organizer or a vanity organizer or a jewelry rack (they look weird in the store, trust me) also make very thoughtful, useful, long term gifts.



        Honestly, I'd say you'd probably be best actually going to a jewelry store (as opposed to online browsing). Go in with some ideas about what you might want to get her (a ring is risky unless you're already married, but you should be good otherwise), what kind metal/stone/color you were thinking, and what your price range is, and they should be able to point you in the right direction. It will definitely be good to kind of have her style in mind (vintage, modern, minimalist, blingtacular, etc.) and go from there.

        As far as what store, you'd definitely be safe with places like Kay or Tiffany (just expect to pay a little more for the latter). You could also try a well reviewed/recommended local place.

        Pro tip: if she has any friends/sisters that you can take with you, it will both help you in picking something that she will like, and get you bonus points with that friend/sister.