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Seeking advice on chino suit pants

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  • Albert

    I have that same suit from BR. Got it on sale a couple weeks ago. Cotton suiting is going to have rumples, this is a fact of life. It's not a bad thing to have them and if you're wearing a perfectly pressed cotton suit to a wedding, an hour in you're going to have rumples.

    Ironing them is possible, they're just cotton after all, but show some swag and let em stay rumpled. It shows that your clothes are worn and I think things look better if they look like they have a little wear in em.

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  • johnsmanning
    started a topic Seeking advice on chino suit pants

    Seeking advice on chino suit pants

    After one wear, chino suit pants from BR definitely need to be to be de-wrinkled. But the tag says dry clean only, so I thought I should try steaming them instead of ironing, but unlike wool pants, that was useless. So do I go ahead and iron away?