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Cardigans/Shawl collar cardigans

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    Cardigans/Shawl collar cardigans

    I'm 6'... About 190 pounds with a 33" waist. Large(ish) shoulders and chest I guess. Would say I'm a pretty athletic build.

    I want to wear cardigans and really like the look of those with shawl collars... But the ones that I've tried are either large/extra large and too long, sag terribly, etc.... Or in a medium they make me look like a body builder squeezing into something far too tight...

    Am I alone? Who has found a well fitting example of these? What brands or particulars can you recommend? I really like the look of the more "bulky" examples with thick weaves, etc. but I'm open to suggestions

    First post by the way. Really like what you guys have going here and hope to get along well with all of you.


    I've had some good experiences with Dunderdon shawl collar cardigans I got off Gilt. I usually wear a medium but the larges aren't that big.



      The one I'm wearing in my profile pic is from Express. I got it $30 off retail which was $79.99 (so $49.99 on Sale).

      This one from J Crew is right up your alley, but even more expensive.

      You should probably spend a day going to different stores and taking notes on how their clothing generally fits you. For example, Express tends to make their clothes very slim fitting.



        Good looking stuff. Thanks guys

        Think I might try the J Crew factory piece first and go from there. Sure wish more manufactures made sweaters/cardigans that weren't so baggy but oh well. Have to keep searching and trying on and buying and returning until I hit pay dirt



          Got this from H&M:



            I've also had trouble with cardigans being too long. Like, you pull them out so there's no bunching and they're down to the mid-thigh. I've generally had good luck with length from J Crew and LEC, and BR is often good as well, though their sweaters can sometimes run really long, so you've kind of got to try them out. Target's sweaters are also a pretty good length. I've had issues with all of H&M's sweaters being comically long on me in a large, as well. I don't really know about the other issues you're having, but yeah!



              That H&M I've got is a medium and could've been a small. The fabric is a heavy acrylic, like burlap almost.



                It definitely isn't a budget option but Vince ($200-$300) depending on sale prices, etc are amazingly terrific fitting and feeling shawl collar sweaters.

                Have you tried any of the options from Banana Republic? It's probably not the best time to shop for this item but when fall rolls around and you can get a 20-30% off sale from BR, it might be a good move. I do know though their fits are hit or miss.

                What about Lands End Canvas?

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                  I'm wearing an H&M jersey/fleece deal in small that fits basically the same as Nic's (maybe a tiny bit shorter in the body).

                  On a side note, Nic, your kid looks totally out of place with those sneakers.



                    What? He'd be wearing leather soled shoes if I could find them in his size. In the meantime, you'll have to suffer with pictures of him in canvas shoes with Velcro closures.



                      That's a little joke there. Nobody looks out of place!



                        What on earth? ... Your kids looks like a great kid. Wearing great kid shoes.

                        Any other good suggestions people?



                          Haha okay - I'll let him out of timeout now. =D