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Recommend me a Tailor in Atlanta

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    Recommend me a Tailor in Atlanta

    I'm relatively new to all this, and while I've had a few things tailored over the years, I don't really have a go-to tailor. I've tried all the normal search methods but haven't found anything exciting. If anyone is in the Atlanta area and has a great tailor they could recommend, it would be VERY appreciated. I live in Kennesaw and work in Buckhead, for what that's worth.

    Thank you in advance for your help!!


    Small world, I also live in Kennesaw, just graduated from the university.

    There are a few decent tailors that travel around the perimeter and will come to your home or office, but I really find that uncomfortable... so I use John Pontello, he will come to you if you're getting >$100 in alterations, but he also has appointments at his studio in Powder Springs (not a prohibitively long drive from Kennesaw or Buckhead). He altered a suit for me and I was so pleased with it that I'm bringing him my business exclusively from here on out. If you would, tell him that Kenneth Simpson sent you. Always good to make your tailor happy!

    If you're interested in higher end tailoring, there is Sid Mashburn ( downtown. They're much more expensive than John, but also presumably higher quality as well...



      I go to a local tailor/dry cleaner- Perfect Stitches - just north of Buckhead on Clairmont Road and Briarcliff (on your way back to Kennesaw hopefully). Please note that they are not specifically menswear tailors (not solely dedicated to suiting, etc.) but the price is right and they're a mom and pop shop that I've been quite satisfied with for hemming, basic alterations, etc.



        Guilty - have they handled any of your basic darting/tapering/etc needs? I'm interested in finding a second tailor and I just want to see if you've vetted them fully so that I don't have to!



          Hi Kenneth, luckily I have not had to fix any darting issues, but I routinely will buy a shirt or suit on sale and have Sia (wonderfully sweet Greek lady) do all manner of alterations.

          EDITED POST FROM STYLEFORUM thread here:

          Perfect Stitches is literally a mom (Sia) and pop (Tim) shop for all of my alterations. I iron all of my clothes, so I don't dry-clean anything there, though of course they offer that service as well. Sia's the tailor and she has been in the business for over 26 years.

          I have had fairly basic alterations done to my suit jackets (hemming sleeve length, taking in the back, shortening jacket length, jacket arm circumference reduction, pant leg circumference reduction, taking in pant waist, hemming pants) and all have been done with a cheerful attitude. Sia knows I am particular about how my suits look and is more than willing to work with me to achieve the look I want.

          She has also helped with shirt alterations (reducing arm width circumference on a J. Crew Baird McNutt Mill linen shirt).

          I wholeheartedly recommend this tailor's services. Be specific with what you want and she will deliver. Of importance is that she does NOT cut off materials and instead hems your pants (for example) with the material intact so you can let it out again if need be (e.g. to add cuffs on your pants). The quality of the stitching and hemming Sia does is top notch and for a very fair price.

          They can be a little disorganized on the dry cleaning end (see 2 Yelp reviews) but I would chalk those up to the adage, "Good service warrants high praise but often gets none, and bad news travels fast." Kudzu has solid reviews of them as well.

          Prices are very cheap, and they often provide me with a volume discount. I love being a regular there, even if what I TRULY want are well-fitting (read: bespoke) suits. Maybe one day!

          CAUTIONARY NOTE: Do NOT go to European Alterations on 2341 Peachtree Rd NE Ste A, Atlanta, GA. They knew less about tailoring than I did (and this was in my pre-Dappered days!) and ruined my grey suit- and required me to visit to be remeasured 3 separate times. Arm holes, shoulders, and drape were all wrong. They made a mess of it, and my suit is not fixable. To this day I avoid wearing it whenever possible and I can't really sell it so I might just give it away.

          Reviews here: In this case, the two positive Yelp reviews do not reflect the quality of this tailor's work.



            This is very useful information for me...thanks to the OP for asking this question, and to all who have replied (or will reply) with personal recommendations.

            I like my local alterations shop owner just fine as a person -- she's a very sweet older lady who's quick with a smile and actually did some impressive work shortening the zippered sleeves on a heavy leather jacket for me a while back.

            Unfortunately, as has been the case with every tailor I've encountered during my eight years in Atlanta, (1) the language barrier is a serious problem and, more importantly, (2) they all seem to think I don't know what I'm talking about when I ask for narrowed sleeves and a truly fitted shirt/suit body, so they invariably leave me with visibly full-cut shirts and jackets.

            I would LOVE to find a tailor on the north side of town (I basically live in Roswell/Alpharetta) who speaks fluent English, understands the term "slim-fit," has a shop I could visit (rather than them coming to my house or office), charges reasonable prices, and wouldn't require $100+ worth of work at once before they'll give me the time of day.

            If you know of such a person, I'll be forever in your debt.



              Hi Bulldoggery, I'll ask my friends. I too faced the same problem!

              However, Sia at Perfect Stitches meets every one of your criteria with the exception of the part of town she's in. She does have a noticeable Greek accent, but I have had no trouble communicating with her what it is I want.

              As far as the slim, tailored look, I have gently nudged her to give me the fit and look I want- and she'll mark it. I think tailors who aren't specifically holding themselves out as menswear specialists are often reluctant to "take away" too much material since they're afraid they will bear the brunt of criticism if a customer gains a few pounds and blames them for the bad fit.

              In my experience, stand in front of the mirror and ask the tailor to virtually take in the material where you want it (e.g. on a suit) and keep asking him/her to take it in with her fingers until the shape and contours are where you desire them to be. Make them mark that with tailor's chalk. Done. Same with pants- I tend to go with less of a break on summer, lightweight materials whereas I go with a fuller break (never more than 1.5 though) or a cuff on winterweight materials.

              It's all about establishing trust with your tailor and letting them know where you want to steer the ship. Finding a trustworthy tailor and developing a long-time relationship with him or her is one of the most rewarding pleasures in life. Bonus: you're also supporting local business.

              I'm starting out on finding a cobbler too and am leaning toward Larry at Village Shoe and Boot Repair in Tucker, GA:



                You might also look into Neil at Hong Kong Tailors. They are located just off of 285 and Buford Highway. This is mostly an MTM (suits, shirts, etc.) shop for men. Although I think they might do some custom clothing for women as well. I have all of my alterations done there since it is close to where I work. I'm pretty slim (5'10", 155) myself. I prefer my clothing to be close fitting/tailored. My previous tailor did not understand that. The people at Hong Kong Tailors get what I'm looking for.

                I believe they also fit your other criteria as well:

                1) They are in a standing shop.

                2) There is no language barrier for someone that speaks English

                Been going there for alterations and MTM for about 10 months. Most of my alterations involves having my shirt sleeves shorted/narrowed and having the sides taken in/darted. Based on prices I've been quoted at other places, their prices are inline with other alterations shops.

                In terms of Atlanta cobblers, I went to Benny's a couple of times to have rubber half soles placed on some of my shoes. They did a fine job. No experience with Benny's for more complex tasks though.



                  Bulldoggery - John Pontello, as I mentioned, fulfills all of those requirements save being in your immediate vicinity. Worth a trip to Powder Springs, if you ask me.

                  Guilty - A thousand thanks for the very thorough answer of my question. I'm definitely going to check out Perfect Stitches, would you like me to say that you referred me?

                  I also have been looking for a cobbler.. While Tucker isn't exactly in my immediate vicinity, I'm all about quality and will happily travel around the perimeter to find it.

                  I'm ordering an Indochino and I'm debating on either going to Perfect Stitches with it or to Sid Mashburn. My reticence is based on the inherent danger of taking a relatively expensive garment to an unproven (to me) tailor.



                    I second the helpfulness at Bennie's. I shopped the sales racks and found my Loake 1880 Aldwych's there. Haven't gone for any shoe repairs though they did help my put tongue pads in for a better fit to my Florsheim Veblens.

                    Kenneth, glad to help. You can tell Sia that Chris sent you- she'll get a kick out of that! . And Larry at the Village Shoe and Boot Repair apparently is an award winning cobbler. Who knew they had competitions of the sort?

                    Here's how I would approach the tailor situation: Order your suit and see how it fits. If you want to keep it, go to Sid for your suit alterations if you need to do some shoulder or other complex tailoring. If you just need basic alterations (hemming, taking in arm width, etc.) Sia at Perfect Stitches is probably going to be more affordable. I haven't been to Sid, but I would definitely trust him and dedicated menswear tailors for complex jobs. Though there is no need to pay more for the same service on basic alterations.



                      I think I speak for everyone that regularly uses the Dappered threads when I say thank you for joining and lending us your expertise, lol. This thread plus the watch thread has increased my knowledge exponentially.



                        It's been my pleasure! Thanks to Joe, Greg, and the rest of the Dappered team for a great forum!



                          Ha I appreciate my name getting thrown out there, I just try to help with banning spammers. I believe ChrisW was the original moderator here and Paul Olson set this forum up I believe.

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                            Mario Bosco. DONE.

                            He'll also talk to you about what he's doing, why he's doing it, etc.

                            Although I did have the sleeves shortened by El'Gant (don't hate; it's close to my house), and they did a fine job for $14 per sleeve.



                              Jon - how are his prices?