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    Others Menswear Sites You Frequent?

    As heretical as it may be to suggest that anyone patronize anything other than Dappered, perhaps some of you are like me and run out of things to read on this site and wonder what the wider world of menswear looks like.. My search led me to the following sites, all of which I frequent daily, and I hope some of you would post your favorites as well.

    StyleForum -

    Put This On -

    A Suitable Wardrobe -

    VoxSartoria -

    DieWorkWear -

    Primer -

    StyleGirlfriend -

    Men's Style Pro

    Art of Manliness -

    And numerous more than I'm certain I'll recall as soon as I post this. I've noticed that as my interest in menswear grows, the more that I'm willing to spend on things. As a result, Dappered has slowly become less and less pertinent to my style as I abjure the Gap in favor of things like Howard Yount or Kent Wang.


    Street etiquette is less for men's style as those guys aren't really the "Dappered" style, but they run a cool site. If you click on "Inspirations" on the top and go through that blog, there's some pretty cool stuff and interesting inspirations for style.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano





        Does anyone know of any men's style sites/forums that are geared towards guys in their 30s/40s? As a 38-year-old father who's happily married and in a stable career (albeit an extremely casual one when it comes to style), I feel a bit out of sorts sometimes when perusing Dappered and Effortless Gent, which seem to be geared towards men in their 20s/early 30s.



          Hi Matt, if you're looking for more traditional attire, Ask Andy About Clothes is a decent forum to visit as several have suggested in the other thread Juan linked.

          I find a lot of inspiration from pinterest style photoblogs on tumbler, like whereas this one- - is just plain entertaining.

          By the way, this slideshow is a pretty revealing classification of menswear blogs: This flowchart also seems helpful: Good luck! Perhaps you'll find what blogs sort of suit you better.



            Matt, a LOT of the Men's Clothing subforum at StyleForum is aimed precisely at your age group, it's heavily classically and traditionally aimed (almost snobbishly so at times.) While SF is fantastic, nothing I've yet encountered has topped the Dappered community environment.



              @Matt - I'm in your same agre group and also married with three young children. Most of the styles and items that are posted on dappered are timeless/ageless in my opinion, so I don't mind that most of the guys here are younger. I find the most of the guys on here are very mature and actually maybe even more so than I was in my twenties. Some topics don't apply, like the Dating one, so I just ignore them. However, for the most part you will find a lot of helpful style information on here and the main dappered site that appllies to men of all ages. Also, with three college tuitions to save for, two retirements to save for, a mortgage, two cars, etc., there is not a lot of money left to splurge on clothes so the price point covered on dappered is perfect for me.