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Can we stop starting official threads?

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    Can we stop starting official threads?

    Just ask your question. That's all. Or state your beef. They're not going to get stickied unless you've got a way with Greg.

    I'm an old man. And crotchety. But please take it to heart. And yes I know bruschetta will start an Official thread just to get to me. ;-)


    Hi Nicholas - I can certainly understand your perspective as I started a few recently. However, the latter two on watches was at another member's suggestion and designed to consolidate a FAQ of sorts. Not trying to establish a hegemony or anything, just made sense at the time. I promise to stop starting official and unofficial threads- at least for a while!

    Not trying to get stickied either; if members find them useful, that's enough for me.



      The Official bruschetta Reply Post:

      nicholascrawford, I stand with you, brother of style, against the forum titles rich in inflated importance and pomposity.

      Officially sincere,




        Whoa - just looked at your other threads. You're really knowledgeable! I'm just not into watches, so I skipped over them.

        Like I was saying, not everything has to be the be-all, end-all thread. I think your contributions are very valuable and don't doubt the threads will hold a lot of great information. Whether they become the go-to thread for the topic in the future, though, is out of our control.



          b - Not sure if we're at the point where I can call you that, but yes. I hate to say pretentious because that sounds harsh, but it comes across as "look at me" despite all of us just being regular joe-forum-member types.

          Cheers to tons more great information here, just with less use of the word Official.



            I don't mind the threads he started as they have some useful information, I had no clue I might pay $500 for maintenance on a high end watch, no Omegas any time soon for me now

            I'm going to start an offical "what is everyone's opinion of NC?"

            I'd of course add in, "needs to stop thinking his feet are bigger than they are and get size 10 and under" you stay away from my ebay preciouses!

            And because of those friggin post, and a couple of beer. I just bought 5 various watches on ebay. Nothing fancy I have a few expensive ones already so it wasn't a hole in my wardrobe. But I ordered some with a bit of flash, hopefully they keep time well, but they were more for wearing out in "drinking" situations where I don't care if they get chipped(unlike my friggin starck limited edition that pisses me off to this day) and will most likely provide a simple conversation starter for any interested females(dating thread related).



              It's simply a title to gain interest. It's obviously not going to be stickied. Simply scroll down and ignore it. I see plenty of worser naming threads out there and I wouldn't say any mock "official" thread is end all be all of any subject. Prob just had a tough night at the bar.



                This is the official "I will sticky any thread with the word official in it" post.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  Yes, due to my vanity, I would like a thread dedicated to my awesomeness!



                    I would take this request more seriously if this thread were called the "Official can we stop starting official threads?" thread.

                    More seriously, I'm new to these forums, so I don't quite have a full sense of how thread topics work over time, but I'm for calling threads "official" if it genuinely makes the information more organized and easier to find. If, on the other hand, calling it "official" doesn't have any real effect, then yeah, there's no real sense in it.