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Needed: Recommendations for a L/S BD white shirt.

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    Needed: Recommendations for a L/S BD white shirt.

    Who sells a nice, white button down that is not too thin and won't get wrinkled in 5 minutes? I want something casual but dressy, nothing formal, and <$40-$50 if possible. Should I be looking for a particular fabric blend? Thanks in advance for the help.


    You're looking for what's called an Oxford cloth button down. Button down refers to the collar. That kind of collar is on the casual end of dress shirts. The Oxford cloth is classic - it's a heavy weave that lacks any kind of sheen. There are lots of non-iron versions available.

    I have one from Lands End Canvas that's not non-iron. Not sure if they make one. Then I have a custom one from Ratio. It's over your budget, but the fit is the best ever. Hmm...not sure if it's non-iron.

    During the Brooks Brothers sale recently, I snagged a couple of non-iron OCBDs for under $50 each plus taxes and shipping. Between BB and CT, you would be hard pressed to find higher quality shirts in a wide array of sizes and fits. Speaking of, you'll want to confirm your neck and sleeve size before ordering. You'll also want to find a fit (Slim/Extra Slim/etc) that matches your belly or lack thereof.



      White is the right color to start with. You'll be tempted by cheaper ones in odd colors, but you'll never regret white. Follow that with two shades of blue, ecru (yellowish), and pink.



        If you're in or near NYC, Uniqlo OCBD's fit great and retail at $30.



          Sounds like you want a non-iron shirt. Usually, I suggest Land's End, but for the non-iron, I'd go LL Bean. Standard oxford cloth button down. A little beefier than most. Free shipping, and if you return it, you only pay shipping back.

          I agree that white and light blue are the way to go.



            I'd like to bump this thread. Looking for more suggestions on OCBD's. I currently have a white and blue that I got from Eddie Bauer, so I'm looking to upgrade a little.

            The llbean option looks a little too dressy to me personally. I'm looking more for something that I could wear both casually, but pair with a tie and blazer to class it up if I needed to. I'm interested in the All-American from Bonobos, but not at full price.

            Any other recommendations? I'd consider suddenlee for uniqlo if others concur on them. @Standard - are you talking about regular or slim fit? Thanks in advance!



              JEH - If you're looking for non-iron like the OP, I would stick with BB and CT. If not, the world is your oyster.



                JEH, I think there's only one kind of Uniqlo OCBD. No regular, slim, etc. But like all their clothes, they're cut on the slim side for sure. They don't do online orders yet, I believe, so if they're an option for you, may as well try one on while you're in the store.



                  Thanks Standard - on their website, the show both an Oxford and a Slim Oxford. I'd probably stick with the regular. I'm nowhere near NYC (South Dakota to be exact), so trying on is going to be difficult. I can use Suddenlee to purchase and send me, however. Think it's worth it? One would cost me ~$40.



                    Hmm... I can't find any indication on mine whether they're a slim fit or not. And I don't remember any indications on the display when I bought mine.

                    I'm not an Oxford expert, so it's hard to say if $40 would be worth it. That's starting to get into price territory where you can maybe find some higher quality ones on sale. Most Uniqlo stuff is decent to good value for what it is, but if the price point starts creeping up, you can probably do better. Sort of like H&M in that regard.

                    I'd say it probably comes down to need. If you have time and you're not looking for a particular color, I'd pass. If you just need to pick up a serviceable, well-fitting white one without any fuss, you could do a lot worse.

                    Here's another Oxford thread, which includes a few endorsements of the Uniqlo oxford:

                    Edit: Just checked the website and I believe this is the one I have: . It's not labeled slim but it fits that way. I noticed they have an Extra Fine Cotton Oxford in a slim fit, which I didn't try on because the material was sleeker than what I was looking for from the shirt.