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    Thanks. I actually just stumbled on a blog post that was talking about a watch called the Breitling Navitimer that looks similar to the first one I posted up there. You're right though. it's not that they replicate it exactly..its just that the design is heavily influenced.



      Is the 20mm strap generally the standard when it comes to plain faced dress watches? Part of the reason I am more partial to Citizen watches is that they offer many 22mm straps and the extra 2mm seems to make a world of difference in how it looks on my wrist.

      I love how clean and classic the face of the Bulova watch that Joe has featured in a few posts is, but I cannot get past how slender the straps are. Any help with a comparable watch that features slightly wider straps?



        Hi Jnw07b, sorry, I didn't see this until today (hooray for Labor Day)!

        I sympathize with your plight: finding the right watch is hard enough without having to think about strap options. Both 20mm and 22mm are fairly common, but one thing you might consider is very carefully modifying a 22mm strap to fit a 20mm lug width. It's not hard to do with a bit of caution and practice, and the end result can look very nice. However, I have seen horror stories.

        It would be best to focus on finding the right watch and then finding a suitable strap, since there are a lot of strap options out there for both widths.

        If you're referring to this post ( there are two Bulova watches Joe featured. Depending on which look you want, I would visit Watchrecon has compiled all the watch classifieds on several watch forums and made them searchable. Neat huh?

        There are other great options you can find on if you want to buy new, but there are many gems waiting to be found on the forums. In fact, I've purchased the majority of my watches from watch forums, and have enjoyed the sense of community shared by places such as TimeZone and



          Hey guiltybystander. I saw in earlier posts that you have an omega speedy pro. I recently bought a speedmaster day date but am already saving for a speedy pro. Did you buy yours brand new or second hand? And where did you get it if you don't mind me asking? I'm looking at a million different vendors (either new or second hand, from eBay or watchuseek).



            Guiltybystander - You obviously sound like you've had experience with the gamut of watches. I've been looking at the Movado Circa for a while with a brown strap - but can't bring myself around to swallow that $795 price tag. Is there something with 40mm (or slightly smaller) face that is comparable?







                @Henry- I think these two Orient watches look fairly similar to the Movado Circa, with the exception of not having numerals at the 12-6-9 positions.



                As a bonus, Orient still has the 30% code on the site. I just got myself a Ray last week and couldn't be happier.

                Good luck.



                  @VanLu504- I bought my Speedy Pro secondhanded in excellent condition from a fellow on The gentleman literally wiped it off and lovingly placed it into a watch vault after every wear (which was maybe once a week at most). I trust WUS and not necessarily eBay, unless it's a WUS-member eBay auction. WUS and TimeZone are good bets for a Speedy Pro.

                  @Henry - I second the Hamilton and Orient suggestions made above. I have a Hamilton Jazzmaster (also from a WUS member) and it's fantastic. A little large though for my wrists but it works.

                  I also like Poljot Strelas (Russian watches which give you a little different look and definite uniqueness (when's the last time you saw someone wearing a Strela?). Classy and affordable, though some can get a little busy with the indices.



                    Thanks a bunch! Love the second Orient-



                      @guiltybystander: i actually bought a speedy pro 3572.50 from a fellow on watchuseek (kringkily who is an excellent seller) and it just came in today

                      excuse the nato, I've got to get the bracelet fitted tomorrow.



                        Actually, I love the NATO. The bracelet is nice, but I want to put mine on a nice leather strap now that it's fall.

                        Congrats and welcome to the club! Wear it in good health.



                          Thanks man, I just ordered a hirsch medici in golden brown for the fall actually.



                            @guiltybystander - thanks for all of the helpful information you posted!

                            I've recently become fixated with vintage Omega Seamasters (1950s-1960s) and have been browsing options on ebay and watchuseek/timezone sales forums. what are your thoughts/comments on these types of watches? i am interested in stainless steel with a non-black dial and automatic movement, and most of the options I've seen are $400 and up. my concerns have to do with watches that have been restored vs. ones where the dial, etc... exhibit patina and aging. from my limited reading, the ones that look very new with black dials are the ones that have been restored. is there a disadvantage to going with one where the dial has been restored and cleaned up? as an example, i'd love to be able to find one like this that was posted on a while back:


                            it seems to me that the dial and hands on this one are not authentic (i.e., they have been replaced). while this looks great, it is more of a "frankenstein" of new/old Omega parts as opposed to being 100% vintage for the spirited watch collector. what are your thoughts on these types of "vintage" watches?