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Do these shoes need refurbishing?

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    I will vouch for the magnanni black cap toes in there, I'm pretty sure those are what I got(I bought on ebay so not %100) but they are very comfy, seem to be built very well.

    And that is a great link I never saw it before, no target in Canada but they have some LE/LEC links etc.



      I was in stitches reading some of the responses here. Most all of us have been in your shoes - no pun intended - when we make those tentative first steps to dressing better. I had a similar pair of Doc Martins on full duty and had to call in an exocist to get rid of them.

      This whole style thing is like a buffet, you can choose what you like. I saw you mentionend feeling Dappered was geared toward a younger man, but there are some dinosaurs here like myself in the late 30s who still find it an invaluable resource. A lot of the focus here is on choices with a timeless quality and you can never go wrong with that. Yes, you may want to skip some of the more youthful choices and trendy accessories like bracelets lest you look to be knee-deep in mid-life crisis. The thing about Dappered that seperates it from other sites is that it focuses on style on a budget. You have to remember that many of the other sites are frequented by people who have robust clothing budgets or devote most their disposable income to their wardrobe.

      You have a job that also affords you a lot of freedom for a certain look with things like cords, khakis, sportcoats with texture and quality botos you can rough up (Timberland earthkeepers and red wings spring to mind.)

      Like others have said, don't run out and prime your credit card. Take time to look around, establish a budget, make a list. My closet is filled with loitering junk I bought on impulse when I started to transform how I dressed. Get good staples and focus on clothes that fit. There's a difference betweeen fit and tight. You'll find plenty of good advice and direction from a helpful community here.



        I used to wear running shoes all the time and didn't even know what kind of other shoes existed out there beyond black dress shoes.

        This might help you get a visual of what to replace those with in terms of casual shoes:

        I'll second the advice to approach it patiently. Start with your shoes and work from there. You can't go wrong with navy socks so don't go out buying all kinds of colorful, patterned socks (just yet). You can't go wrong with straight leg, non-dad jeans denim (Tumbled Rigid for Levi's 501).

        You'll make some of the same mistakes on the way like we've all done. But enjoy the process.

        By the way, as you look at nicer shoes (in appearance, quality, construction, etc.), you'll develop a sense of what generally looks like a nice shoe. Then you'll rue the day you thought those were good looking shoes worthy of saving