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The Official "Do Not Buy" or "Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)" Thread

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    The Official "Do Not Buy" or "Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)" Thread

    What: Post advice on items or products you would not buy based on personal experience or knowledge.

    Why: The purpose of this thread is to provide a searchable thread which Dappered forum visitors/members can use to quickly check others' experiences prior to a potential purchase. Rather than searching an entire forum, the hope is that if someone finds a warning on a product in this thread, that person will have a clear idea of someone else's experience. Caveat emptor.

    How: Provide a mini-review or a sentence describing a product. Provide a link to the official product page. Provide your concerns (see criteria below) and a rating (0/5 stars or 1-5 rating).


    1) Quality/durability concern based on personal experience.

    2) Low value for currently offered price (may caveat e.g. "may be worth $XX but not retail")

    3) Bad customer service or difficult returns/exchange policy

    4) Excessive number of defects or product mistakes


    J. Crew Montague Satchel

    Product Link:

    Thread reference (only used for this example):

    Both Shellhead and BB posted that the stitching has "become unstitched at the flap where the strap buckles in" and "This seems to be an overall problem with the bag, because two of us have had the same thing happen at the same time. DO NOT BUY."


    1) Quality/Durability issues with strap

    Rating: would have to be provided by BB or Shellhead


    Mougin & Piquard™ chronograph watch in silver (black variant as well)

    Product links:


    1) Low value for price paid (MSRP $695).

    Rating: 1/5 stars. 1 star for aesthetic appeal.

    Caveat: I have personally not owned these watches, but I do consider myself as someone who has studied the market and the quality of timepieces for quite some time. I have a lot of experience with buying and trading watches (my first passion before getting into clothing) and have purchased several watches of varying levels of quality. It is my personal opinion that one can find both quality mechanical and quartz timepieces for equivalent or more affordable prices. This is especially true for well-cared-for watches available on watch forums from enthusiasts (e.g., timezone).

    For example: Vintage Omega Seamaster ($495).

    Now I realize this isn't an apples-to-apples example, since this link is for a) a vintage item (not new), b) it's not a chronograph and thus doesn't have the same complications (features) as the Mougin & Piquard models, but I think it illustrates the point that one can get a lot more watch (from a brand with a better pedigree) for less money.

    For those who may take issue with this post, I recognize that the whole quartz vs. mechanical debate is only an issue if you let it become one. I own both quartz and mechanical watches, and one of my favorites is my white dialed Tissot PRC200 which I bought for $300 new (pictures: While never having to set the time is a handy feature, I prefer mechanical watches because:

    1) you'll still have to change the date from time to time (if your watch has a date complication)

    2) since you're setting the date, how hard is it to set the time?

    3) a quartz battery will eventually die (usually with no way to know when, and at the most inopportune time) and you are without a functional watch until its battery is replaced

    4) the ratio of the cost of parts to the manufacturer and expense to customer of a quartz movement is usually higher than that of mechanical movements/expense to customer.

    5) aesthetics: I like seeing the balance wheel, rotor, and gears functioning on my watches which have a display caseback. Quartz watches do not have this.

    6) winding one of my mechanical watches is a comforting part of my morning ritual. It's nice having something that depends on me to keep it working.

    Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to justify why I offered an opinion without actually purchasing this item.



      @guiltybystander perhaps we need an ebay/watchuseek like thread to spot watch deals, much like the ebay shoes thread. I've been getting into watches a little (have a couple of Parnis', an Orient Mako & an inherited vintage Rado mechanical that needs maintenance) and I'd love to get some good deals on timepieces for less $..



        @pratyk, hmm, good idea! I'll start one up. Since there are a couple of tastes out there (military/divers/pilots, vintage, etc.) I'll probably do a short round-up of some from around the forums, sort of like Jessie's eBay Roundup (at the professionally run and wonderfully informative

        I've got watches that run the gamut, but I'm particularly partial to military style watches (before J.Crew decided to bring the milwatch on NATO strap to the masses). What types of watches are you looking for?

        Thanks for the suggestion!



          I started a watch reference thread here (for questions about watches and general FAQ):

          The Watch Deals thread is here:

          Joe - I forgot to name the latter thread as "Unofficial" - didn't want to step on anyone's toes or improperly signify approval! Sorry about that!