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LEC vs Dockers

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    LEC vs Dockers

    I've been wearing a pair of Plum LEC lim fit chinos I picked up for a great price in the sale when we all bought them.

    It's now time to push the envelope a bit harder, and I have been looking at red trousers on ebay.

    Any feed back on how the Dockers D1 compares to LEC slim fit (recognising that the three pairs of LEC slim fits I have are all a slightly different fit)?




    Well, I think I got a fluke, but my D1's were a dreadful fit. But my Alpha Khaki's are amazing. You should get some!



      LEC Slim Fit > D1 any day of the week.

      If you think the LEC sizing variations are wacky, then you're in for a treat with D1/dockers. They are by far the most inconsistent brand I've ever dealt with.

      I was a big fan of the Docker Waders (similar to the Alphas but with a shorter inseam, I believe the Waders only came in a 30" inseam to give it a cropped look) but even they are a little too slim/tapered in the calf area for my liking (or to be considered business casual in my opinion).

      If you're looking for something in a red, check out the tailored fit chinos from Target for $27.99 (or less). I've never tried them but I've heard fairly good things about them. They're in a slightly faded/desaturated barnyard red that is stylish but not too trendy.



        Thanks for the info so far.

        The Target option won't work for me tho, since I'm in Australia, and Target does not ship internationally (or even thru freight forwarders according to their website!



          D1s are absolutely horrible. The leg opening is too wide.



            Think I've found the solution!!!

            Lands End are having a sale today, and the Chinos in Vintage Brick look like the deal.


            30% off with Code Ocean30 and Pin 5230 makes them $21, so I've had a buy-up to spread the minimum international freight of $28 over several items!

            Lots more styles & colours




              It would appear I've had a different experience than most with D1s. I really like my D1s. The fit is perfectly slim for me and the leg opening is in the sweet spot. I appreciate the permanent crease, making them dressier than chinos. I like them enough to have 3 pairs. I also have two pairs of the Lands End Tailored Fit Original Chinos. On me, they are a bit roomier than the D1s, especially in the seat. Also, the leg opening is a little bigger. The material is very similar, but a bit more peached, as they are chinos. I've also got a pair of Lands End Canvas Refined Slim Fit Chinos. They are certainly more slim. The thigh is comparable to D1s, but the calf and leg opening are significantly slimmer. They are also quite longer than other pants at the same size, so they bunch up too much for my taste (I prefer little to no break). The material is also significantly thicker and heavier than the Lands End chinos.

              There's my two cents, hope it helps.