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Filling the Gaps in my Wardrobe by the Fall

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    Filling the Gaps in my Wardrobe by the Fall

    Hello everyone! So first off - you guys are fantastic! Thanks to your answers to my last question I ended up meeting a fabulous tailor in my area who has totally transformed my old, billowy dress shirts into fabulously fitting shirts, saving me tons of money, and helped me send about a page of comments on my rather unusual fit and my (now) favorite tailored shirt to ratio, who are currently making me a white twill shirt to the same dimensions! So thanks!

    This is a little bit of a long post, but I'm trying to finish filling the gaps in my wardrobe before the fall, and would love some help.(I just finished a purge in which I tossed/sold all of my too-small or ruined clothing.) Plus, maybe there are some other soon-to-be graduate students in the same camp as me? Below is literally all of the non-athletic clothing I own. Any thoughts on what I'm missing? Thanks!!

    - 1 Navy Suit

    - 6 Dress Shirts (2x White, 2x Sky, Lavender, Navy Gingham) (considering a ratio blue houndstooth or french blue pinpoint)

    - 4 Polos (French Blue, Sky, Royal, Red)

    - 1 Navy Blazer

    - 2 Khaki Pants (british, light)(could use some tailoring...)

    - 2 Levis Jeans (1 dark 514s, 1 regular 501)

    - 1 Plain Fossil Brown Strap, Grey Face Watch

    - 4 Sweaters (Black quarter zip, Cerulean merino henley, sky cashmere v neck, heather v neck) (considering a calibrate black v neck or a cardigan)

    - 2 chino shorts in khaki

    - 1 retro rubberduck-yellow rain coat

    - AS OF MY BIRTHDAY IN A MONTH: 1 schott slim fit peacoat in either Navy or Grey (undecided)

    - 2 pairs of shoes (much-adored drivers, sambas) (considering canvas sneakers)

    - 2 belts (1 black, 1 brown) (considering the j crew brown plaque belt, its gorgeous)

    - 9 ties (worth more than everything else I own) (black hand-knitted w/ skinny red and white stripes, Red Hermes w/ Dragons, Black w/ thick red stripes, 1960s skinny Hermes in Navy w/ rabbits, 1960s skinny Hermes in Navy w/ fox silhouettes, Burgandy with pin-dot, Hermes in Royal Blue w/ subtle pattern, Hermes in Sky and Pink with Subtle Pattern)

    Phew! So that's it. Any thoughts on items that I'm missing? Thanks so much!!!!


    How about dress shoes ?



      For khaki pants, I would suggest Dockers D1. They fit great and are comfy, light, and inexpensive ($30-$40).

      For shirts, if you can't afford all Ratio, Nordstrom's Calibrate and 1901 brands have shirts that fit well and come in good patterns/colors.



        You're going to be a graduate student? How about some corduroy pants and a camel hair or tweed sport coat -- you'll be teaching classes sooner or later, and those are good TA-kinds of clothes (sort of dressy, sort of casual too). But for class, my guess is you'll be wearing "business casual" kinds of stuff -- chinos or jeans and a button-up shirt. Wait, you don't have any "sport shirts" on there. Maybe a couple of the poplin button-downs from Target, a navy gingham and a bengal stripe, or something? Those are real cheap.



          Oh, duh, dress shoes. I have a pair of dressy-er bucks in burgandy.



            I would look for more sport coats. You've got all those ties - you really need to wear them with sport coats.



              Some people will disagree with me on this, but I think that academia (depending on your field of study) is a good opportunity to try bold things that you might otherwise not do.

              I recall a lab led by a TA who wore some of the most outlandish and loud, yet impeccably tailored, suits I had seen in a non-theatric setting. It really broke the ice and made him instantly recognizable around campus. He didn't look like a fool, but rather a guy who knew he could get away with it.

              If you're not hurting for money, I suggest looking at thrift stores for some suits that might otherwise be a 'bit much' for any other setting. If I could do it all over again, I would do this.




                I have a really difficult time telling exactly what I'll be able to wear. As a fourth year in college, (if "fourth year" doesn't tip you off, I went to uva) I wore mostly denim/button-up/tie/maybe a sweater to my classes, without the tie after class (or denim with just the sweater in the winter after class). I think that a few casual sport coats are a great idea, but could I really wear a suit without being over-dressed?

                And I feel a little boring for saying this, but I tend to stick to a fairly conservative color palate, both because it's law school, and because I have very traditional looks (tall/blonde/angular features). Maybe it's also because my college had such an over-the-top preppy vibe (It killed boat shoes for me.) that darker tones were almost more interesting.

                A few other thoughts:

                - How much wear would I really get out of a navy/heather grey cardigan?

                - What do people think on the peacoat - navy or grey?

                - Does anyone know of any great pieces in sea-green? It's kindof a personal favorite color, but I had to throw out two of my favorite sweaters thanks to some pretty bad stains.

                @BB - I really love the look of Bonobos 5-pocket cords and will grab a pair in grey, and maybe their british khaki, too, the next time they're on sale. Unless there is another vendor that has a good 5-pocket fit?

                You guys are awesome.



                  A suit will be overdressed and try-hard (in a non-style way) for law school insomuch as attending classes (unless otherwise dictated by the program.) A blazer, however, is a different matter, especially paired with casual slacks or jeans. All schools are different, but my law school the wardrobe didn't appear to differ much than undergrad. Slightly more formal, but there were still people attending class in essentially PJs. It happens when they live in the library.

                  And I agree with Lib. Unless the program dictates otherwise, go all out and try new things. If you are entering the legal profession, you are likely going to end up stuck in a conservative situation wardrobe wise, so you might as well have fun while you still can.

                  There is no perfect wardrobe, only you can dictate it. Following convention on what you "need" isn't going to help when you don't like it and aren't comfortable with it.

                  I will suggest that you purchase a second suit now, while you are able to hunt for good deals/fit, as well as some black dress shoes, as you are likely going to want an internship/summer associate, etc at some point.



                    I'm always surprised when someone recommends a particular brand to someone they don't know, on the basis that the brand fits so well. On you, maybe, but what makes you think it would fit on someone else? The OP said he has a rather unusual fit. One man's great fit can be another man's disaster. I would say that Docker D1's fit horribly ... but that's on me; I would't recommend that anyone else base their opinion on what fits me well.

                    On another note, I don't like Ratio's poplin shirting at all. It really doesn't take well to ironing. It's quite a bit of work get it flat and smooth, and it wrinkles up again pretty quickly. You might select a twill instead.

                    I would agree that dress shoes are a noticeable gap in your wardrobe. A dressier plain toe or captoe in dark brown or black, and a rich brogue in one of the many shades of brownish, would be useful additions. Some guys don't like black shoes, but you list a navy suit. I have a very dark navy suit, and I think nice black captoes dress shoes look great with it. I could dress it down a little with brown wintips, but mine are too light to go well with such a dark navy.

                    I recently unloaded about two-thirds of my wardrobe. Bad fits, old stuff, worn out, rarely worn, et cetera. It's a liberating experience! It frees up a lot of storage space, and opens up new possibilities. I'm pretty much upgrading everything to much better quality, as money was tight when I bought many of my older clothes, and my tastes have matured. It feels great to have newer, better quality clothes, and it fits better as well. You have a great opportunity when you're filling out a wardrobe, and it's worth the effort to make good choices that you'll be happy with for years.

                    Good luck!



                      I agree with all of the above recommending some good dress shoes. I'd add onto that though, if you're going to school in an area with a lot of snow, you couldn't go wrong by picking up a dressier boot in addition to a pair or two of dress shoes. You'll be maximizing style and wrapping up a possible need for cold weather footwear.



                        Dress shoes. I would get another blazer, probably in a lighter color (since you already have a navy suit and blazer). I get a lot of wear out of my gray cardigan, and it hasn't even been cold for some time. And I'd also throw in some sport shirts. But other than that, it looks like a wardrobe I wish I had.