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Tips for shopping while between sizes?

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    Tips for shopping while between sizes?

    I've recently lost 18lbs and hope to lose 15 to 20 more.

    The problem is I now find myself between sizes. Most of the clothing I have bought recently now fits too big but my old clothes fit too small. Unless it's stretched out with my midsection.

    My pants aren't so bad. I've picked up some deeply discounted pieces along the way. Most of them I will be able to continue to wear. I might have to have some of them taken in if possible. But there are no investment pieces so a lot of it is easily replacable.

    My shirts is the problem. Large shirts feel huge now. They billow out at the sides and fit like a trash bag.

    But medium shirts are way too tight on my gut.

    My plan is to hold off on doing any serious shopping until I lose some more weight. But sometimes pieces are needed.

    Am I better off to just shop thrift and clearance in the meantime?

    Or are a few pieces OK to perhaps be slightly too large until they can be taken in?

    I would hate to have shirts tailored only to need them to be taken in even more in a few months.

    I'm certainly not buying a new suit anytime soon. I will make what I have work. In fact 2 suits I bought in May now fit terribly. Hopefully they can be salvaged by a good tailor. But until my goal weight and I decide on a place to maintain I see no point in taking them in.

    Any help is appreciated?


    Tricks (or illusions) for disguising oversized shirts would be to wear a cardigan or sweater (cotton in summer) or blazers. Or don't wear them much. I agree about waiting to tailor or doing a big wardrobe refresh until later and looking forward to it as a reward for your hard work. In the meantime, you have to wear something, so look at Target's button up shirts for some low-cost substitutes.



      You can also do a military tuck in the mean time:

      And congrats!



        Thanks for the tips.

        Sweaters/Cardigans are great. But I live in Louisiana so layering just doesn't happen in the summer months.

        Hopefully by the time winter arrives my clothes will fit as they should. And I should be fitting into several old pieces.

        I will check out Target's deals on shirts in the meantime.

        My wife brought home a navy blazer from Target yesterday as a surprise.

        It's a Medium.... Which means I need to lose a few more pounds. Which is fine... because Large was not happening. Plus once I drop these last few the coat will be perfect. It won't need a bit of tailoring. As it is I can wear it but can't comfortably button it.

        What's more frustrating is I have hit a plateau in my weight loss. So I have been maintaining at 200 (with a float of 2 lbs in either direction) If I can get down into the 180's I will be a happy man and my closet will feel brand new.



          Nice! I made the mistake of buying some clothes when I was 193 that I can't wear now that I'm 152. I like the tactic of having sized down goals to work towards!