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The Seven Shoe Wardrobe

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    The Seven Shoe Wardrobe

    Anyone else read this post on PTO yesterday? His list, in order:
    1. Black oxford (cap toe)
    2. Brown dress shoe (oxford or blucher; wingtips, suede, etc.)
    3. Brown dress shoe (oxford or blucher; wingtips, suede, etc.)
    4. Penny loafer
    5. Chukka
    6. Sneaker
    7. Something extra (monkstraps, tassels, wintery boots, etc.)

    Thoughts? What would you add or take away?


    I just can't get into Penny Loafers at all. I'd have to mostly agree with the rest of that list, though. I'm assuming 2 and 3 are supposed to be different from one another.



      Missing a pair of running shoes / gym shoes.



        I'd love to get a nice pair of loafers, but they don't fit my feet well (my feet are different shapes/sizes due to some the big guy/surgeries). On the list, I'd get rid of sneakers, unless they're for the gym, and add boat shoes or something akin to them (i.e., driving moc, etc.). I also don't really love chukkas that are kind of dressy and aren't as casual/boot-ish as a Clarks desert boot.

        EDIT before I hit send: Wait, just read the PTO and it lumps the boat shoes / driving mocs in with the penny loafer. I think that that's a pretty broad spectrum--I don't think you can wear loafers and boat shoes for all the same instances (i.e., for me, loafers would be great for Fridays / business casual in the office; boat shoes not so much).



          I thin k this is a bit of over kill. This is more reasonable for a budget

          Black captoe dress shoe

          Brown shoe - Doesn't have to be overly dressy unless you own a navy, brown, khaki, or light gray suit


          Boat shoes/driving mocs -something casual

          Sneakers - PF for dressing down, el cheapos for yard work, and a cross trainer for working out

          This is my collection and it has sered me very well




            *takes cover, caresses flip-flops*



              Penny loafers and chukkas are both completely optional IMO. I don't own either and I feel like I've got a pretty complete shoe wardrobe. Both of them could be more generically listed as "dress casual shoe" (penny loafer) and "casual boot" (chukka). These are my staples:

              1. Black oxford

              2. Brown wingtip

              3. Grey suede buck

              4. Work boots

              5. Suede boat shoes

              6. Canvas sneakers

              7. Sandals

              8+. "Gear" shoes like winter boots, running shoes, trail shoes, water sandals, etc.




                Fact is, even if you have 50 pairs, there's a core group that you actually find yourself wearing.



                  Interesting list, though I do find that Put This On tends towards the very traditional / conservative.

                  BTW - unrelated this topic, not not worth starting a thread on: how you change your avatar on this site?



                    I think you're stuck with what you signed up with.



                      Really? Oh well.




                        Avatar Help



                          Haha, open toed for sure. :P And I would also move sneakers up the list. Sorry, but I wear sneakers 100 times for every one time I wear a black cap-toe. But I guess it's different when you're in college.



                            I force myself to cycle my shoes now, once I get monk straps I think they will take the brunt of my wearing though. Cap toes/wing tips just feel more at home with work attire, trying to avoid what NC mentioned of having a core group of shoes while other are ignored.



                              I currently own more dress shoes than number of times I've needed to wear dress shoes this year. I think I need to force-rotate. Either that or get rid of some shoes (hah, yeah right).