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Official What Are You Buying At Nordstroms Tomorrow Thread

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    Official What Are You Buying At Nordstroms Tomorrow Thread

    The Nordstroms site is officially down which means D Day is almost here. I'm getting excited to pick up some nice loot tomorrow. I have a very short list at this moment and have browsed their catalogue but I know there is much more that will be on sale than what the catalogue states. (Didn't see the park aves in catalogue but know for fact they will be on sale). As of tonight im scooping up a pair of AE Strands and the chestnut Trafalgar Brandon Belt to wear together. So guys... whats on your list?


    What kind of sales is it going to be? Assuming I drive, should I stop in on the way from work tomorrow?



      Yearly anniversary sale. I would at least take a gander on your way home from work. The sale starts tomorrow its not a one day thing. Early bird gets the worm.



        @Ryan87 - How much is that belt? Trafalagar makes great belts and I also need a belt to match my Walnut Strands.



          Uh go check out the PSA about herring shoes, you can get identical to stands and probably better quality right now from the UK

          Mix it up a bit, AE isn't the greatest and be all end all;

          5 pairs of shoes and J&M is a bit below, Magnanni I would say is above.



            that belt is $56

            macys also has this belt for a good price right now too but for $18 more i'll go with the trafalgar


            (PS we all know you (shadow) don't care for strands. Outside of dappered and SF not everyone on the planet is wearing strands. And what are you trying to say about 5 pairs higher or lower? you lost me)



              Unfortunately, nothing. I don't have a Nordstrom card, and I think I've done enough damage to my wallet for the time being. I'm satisfied with the shoes I have and am eking as much life out of them as I can. Yes, it would be great to get some AEs for cheaper than regular price, but I can appreciate them more later on if I wait now.

              Good hunting!



                I'm sitting this one out. I spent nearly a grand at their sale in December, and I don't need a repeat.



                  Strands. Probably not the item I need (want) most, but I might as well get them while they're a good price. That said, if you'd told me 6 months ago that I would consider $200+ "a good price" for shoes, I would have laughed at you.



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                      Does this Anniversary Sale include Nordstrom Rack ?



                        McTavish and a calibrate dress shirt to try



                          I'll go hunting for shoe trees in stores locally today (cheap shoe trees are not a commom find in Canada, at least where I live). If I don't find anything, that's what I'll be buying. Boring, but needed.

                          The walnut AE Strands are calling my name, but I don't need another shoe I won't wear frequently.

                          Maybe Joe will inspire me with some of his picks.



                            I would love to get the Strands or the McTavish but I can't justify the purchase right now when I wouldn't be getting that much use out of them.



                              Just ordered the Park Avenue and the LaSalle.

                              Once these come in, I will own 4 pairs of AE shoes.

                              Park avenue in black

                              LaSalle in Chili

                              Strand in dark brown

                              McAllister in walnut

                              Damn and styleforum for ruining me! At least all were bought on sale prices. I was very close to pulling the trigger on the McTavish as well, but figured I might be able to score that one at a seconds sale for $100-$130.