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PSA: Herring Shoes Sale. $130-230. Handmade UK shoes comparable to Allen Edmonds

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    I emailed and asked:

    Thanks for the e-mail I beleive the USAS fittings are B - C - D - E

    C being narrow & E being wide, in the UK our E fit would be narrow, F fit would be medium & G fit would be wide like your E.

    85% of our customers take F fitting & the rest are G

    My god they use UPS as well, I don't think I'm ordering from them now for sure.



      UK shoe sizes just use different letters. A UK F is generally equivalent to a USA D. A UK E is equivalent to a USA C. A UK G is a USA E.



        I asked and they said they just started using DHL so just add that in the notes.

        You're going to hell for posting this Brusch!! I have that cognac brown monkstrap and some tan chukka's coming heh, I wanted to add more to the order but I really really fell in love with some shoepassion shoes :| Funny thing is I've bought 4 new pairs of AE's, 1 used AE, 1 used Magnanni, 1 used Mezlan, and now a new Herring and New Loake on the way...spent under $1000 still

        I have no requirements to get/wear suits yet so I figured I'd start at the shoes and wait for BL or Indochino to have a good special on.

        My Boss also accepted a new job Friday, so that might change



          Good luck @shad0w4life!

          Just wanted to provide a mini-review of the Loake 1880s Aldwych in 10.5F I picked up for $170 this weekend (locally in Atlanta).


          I wear between a 10 and a 10.5 (my toe is just over the 10 mark on those Brannock devices). The Loake Aldwych has a bit more room in the toe. The width is true to size, and the height of the shoe over my foot is roomy but not overly so.

          For comparison, I found the Allen Edmonds Strands and Park Avenues in 10.5D to fit true to size - same room in the toe- but seemed more true-to-size than the Loakes.

          That said, I think going down a size would not have been an option since the width on the 10.5 was good for me.

          Hope this helps!



            that made me go eeeep.

            I ordered the Straps in 10.5 and the chukkas in 10 as my 1 foot is over 10.5. My AE cortlands in 11 seem VERY short vs players/strawfuts. I was very paranoid of trying 10 UK size, hope it works out, I never liked the look of chukkas but these looked very very nice.

            I guess I can always ebay them



              Hope they work out @shad0w4life! Were they from the 1880s line? I don't know a lot about Loake, but I've heard rumors that some of the other lines don't use full grain leather (though I don't know if this is 100% true)... Scared me so I stuck with the 1880s.



                @shadowlife: I'm rooting for ya!



                  guiltybystander, Loake shoes sold in the US will be labeled with US sizes. Loake shoes sold in the UK are UK sizes. UK sizes are roughly a size larger than US sizes.

                  shad0w4life, please let me know how the monk straps fit. We're close to the same size.



                    don't think it's 1880's


                    They wanted $180 euros originally, so they better be good!

                    Regarding sizing, yeah it's really risky because they say people either take half a size or a size down...not a dead on "it's this" google results seemed to say 1/2 a size difference.

                    I really really really wanted to order from shoepassion, they have some ridiculously sexy shoes.

           Plain Wingtips

           That would start a conversation

           Plain tan cap toe but with a nice change on the toe


                    and well priced it seems.



                      wow, love that no. 542...

                      looking more, like the "Klassische Herrenschuhe" line, though it's not goodyear welted, only welted, look like their basic line.



                        @bruschetta - Yes, my Aldwychs must have been imported because it was marked (on tongue and on box) as 10.5F. So they're a little big, but not overly so. *Shrug* I'm just glad I got some quality shoes for a pretty good price!



                          Just remember Mixto, those are still cheaper than AEs subtract %19 VAT from the price of the shoes.



                            Hi guys,

                            I am interested in ordering 1 pair of shoe from herrings.

                            However im finding somebody so share the shipping cost.

                            Msg me at 91514131 asap!



                              I got screwed from behind, by my own fault, I wouldn't have ordered with so much risk on sizing and gone with shoe passion. I thought they were in Euros;I looked at shoepassion right before, not they ended up being about $160 for the chukkas and $260 for the Monks(Chukkas were over 1/2 price off and monks close to 1/2 off)..If I don't orgasm when putting them on, I'm going to rip herring a new one regarding their sizing generic "could be half to a full size difference" I expect a lot from $500 shoes.



                                @shadow, no offense man but you seem to have innappropriately high expectations for shoe fit and comfort with shoes you've never tried on... I wouldn't expect them to be more comfortable than your AEs that we know you love so much haha. I really hope it works out for you as I'm jealous of your purchase, but sizing can really vary. Especially with English shoes. And herring is just a resource to buy a variety of brands, hence their generic sizing info.

                                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano