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PSA: Herring Shoes Sale. $130-230. Handmade UK shoes comparable to Allen Edmonds

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    PSA: Herring Shoes Sale. $130-230. Handmade UK shoes comparable to Allen Edmonds

    Herring Shoes in the UK is having a sale on their own brand of shoes, and a few others (Loake and Church's). Herring's Premier line is made by Cheaney and the classic line is made by Barker or Loake. You may have to contact them to find out which manufacturer crafted a specific shoe.

    The quality on these shoes will be equivalent to Allen Edmonds if they're made by Loake, or (much) better if the manufacturer is Barker, Cheaney, Church's, or Tricker's.

    Shoes range from $130-230, plus a uniform £20 for shipping. The deal is obviously better if you purchase 2+ shoes. The promo code "HSAB" will get you a free pair of shoe trees.

    US customers get dinged with an 18% customs duty. However, the shoes are 17% less than the listed sale price for US customers since US customers do not pay VAT. It works out so that you only pay 1%.

    Here's the website:

    Here are a few that I noticed:

    Herring Riddlecombe II, a black blucher brogue (say that three times in a row) in black calfskin with a rubber sole. £99.95 for UK dwellers and £83 for Americans. Made by Loake.

    Herring Riddlecombe II Suede the same shoe in a chocolate suede. £99.95 for UK dwellers and £83 for Americans. Made by Loake.

    Herring Rewe II these look very, very similar to Allen Edmonds' Strands, but they have a rubber sole. £99.95 for UK dwellers and £83 for Americans. Made by Loake.

    Herring Rackenford II, the classic oxford balmoral. £99.95 for UK dwellers and £83 for Americans. Made by Loake.

    Herring Hilton, a monk strap. Leather sole. £125 for UK dwellers and £104 for Americans. Handmade in Loake's UK factory.

    Herring Bath II, a cap toe brogue balmoral. Leather soles. £99.95 for UK dwellers and £83 for Americans. Unknown manufacturer.

    Church's Downton £170 for UK dwellers and £141 for Americans. Also offered in navy and white.

    Herring Hampstead, very similar to the Allen Edmonds Strand. Much nicer. Handmade in the UK (I believe they are made by Barker, but I am unsure.) £175 for UK dwellers and £145 for Americans.

    Herring Knightsbridge, £175 for UK dwellers and £145 for Americans. I believe these are also made by Barker.

    Herring Mayfair, definitely made by Barker. £185 for UK dwellers and £154 for Americans.


    A nice looking longwing as well izeid=13&selectedfitid=2&stype=1

    I find this pair really appealing izeid=13&selectedfitid=2&stype=1

    Wow, good find bruschetta. This is a chance to really get some fabulous quality shoes for a decent price.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      Maybe its just the pictures, but they seem to have a really akward shape. I'd be interested to see some in person pics.



        You can also look at for similar quality shoes to AE's for around $190 a shoe.



          Jordon, I've noticed that they tend to take pictures of shoes in small sizes so that the shoes look unnaturally short.



            No free shoe trees on Sale shoes

            and it's not 20 uniform shipping either heh.

            MY GOD BRUSH I WILL KILL YOU FOR POSTING THIS....had 7 pairs in there...dropping it down slowly.



              Thanks for the heads-up!




                PICK 2! Trying to keep it under 250 Euros :P

                Not sure why I like these, must be the hint of burgundy in the toe and vamp.









                  shad0w4life, well, that sucks. They must have suspended the coupon for this sale. There's a 10% off coupon floating around. I'll see if I can find it. Please post it here if you find it.



                    @shad0w - that's a cheaper option for a double monk, and I really like the look of it.

                    Also, I'm with Jordan on the shape and look of some of them. Especially the Strand clone... it just looks a little off.



                      Omg if you find a %10 off.... Edit:found it but not for sale items Tweet10

                      Yeah I'm using the top view and the sole view to determine shape, not that awkward angle one. Was debating on ordering 1 from each brand heh

                      I do like that monk a lot, Not QUITE as good of a colour as magnanni ones also your other shoe store has some sexy monk straps too :| so many decisions.



                        shad0w4life, Tweet10 works for me. It may only apply to Herring's own brand. Thank you for sharing!



                          It's too bad there are not that many stores in the states that carry those brands. Sizing in English shoes can be very frustrating, and the need to make returns can end up costing quite a lot. You can try to take a guess using this chart:


                          But as you can see, most of their shoes are are not only sized differently in length, but also width as well.



                            Wtf, their narrow is a USA E?!?!



                              Well that pretty much rules out me buying any shoes, the sizing looks too unpredictable. I always thought UK shoes would, if anything, run narrower, but that chart suggests the narrowest Herring is wide. I'm starting to think high-end shoemakers should just post specific measurements...Oh well, I didn't need to spend more money on shoes anyway, and I'm still fighting off the urge to buy something from Meermin...