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How do you solve butt crack?

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    How do you solve butt crack?

    This may be a stupid question, but I've not found a helpful answer anywhere on the web.

    I'm 5'10" and 170 lbs. Right on the border of normal and overweight, so I have a little stomach paunch (I usually wear a 34/32 or 33/32) but wear a medium shirt comfortably. However, unless I tuck in my shirt, there's no way I can avoid letting the butt crack show. No matter how tightly I try to cinch my belt, no matter how much weight I end up losing, it's always there when I sit down or squat. Is this something that tailoring my jeans and slacks could fix? Is it something I'll have to live with FOREVER?

    Any help whatsoever would be appreciated.


    5'10 170 is normal man!

    As far as the butt crack showing, when you wear your pants, do the sides scrunch up?



      I have the same problem. 6'1, 195 lbs with a small bit of a gut. It's always something I worry about because I have a hairy ass





 willing photographers. If I find myself in front of a full size mirror, I'll see what I can do.

          It's not that the sides bunch up. It's more like the knees stay in the same place. So that, when you elongate the distance from the back of the knee to the top of the back (by bending your hips into the squat or sitting position), there's no spare fabric to accommodate that. Therefore, the pants (or in my case, jeans) have no place to go but down.

          I feel like I need some charts or figures here to demonstrate this. Diagrams. Pics and eyebleach.

          And as justin t said, when you're a hirsute gentleman, nobody wants to see that crack.



            Maybe wear tucked undershirts? Or hike up your underwear (if that won't cause a wedgie)




              -wear boxer briefs instead of boxers, so it doesn't get stuck with your pants when bending/moving.

              [for me] time to google some g-string babes to remove that mental image.



                Become a plumber. Problem solved.



                  Jessy - haha

                  Don't wear such low rise pants! Bonobos offers a curved waistband (like some Levi fits) that sits higher on the butt to give you a nice ass shape but sits lower in front so you don't get the dad jeans look. Have you tried a more medium rise pant?



                    pensotroppo, pleated pants will solve this problem. Pleats give you extra material. The downside is that pleated pants require more tailoring to achieve a trim profile.

                    A second option would be to invest in a few toothpick-sized American flags (assuming that you're American). Pop one in your crack before you leave the house. Observers will assume that you're simply being patriotic when the top of your bottom is exposed.

                    A third option: wear a small mask over your butt crack. This provides the added benefit of protecting you from tiger attacks from behind (pun intended).



                      Go to Home Depot and buy some spackle



                        American Flag, spackle...or this?

                        I have yet to see Joe tackle the Bedazzler on Dappered.

                        mixto: Boxer briefs are what I wear normally. I still have the problem.

                        nicholascrawford: I'm wearing a pair of 501s right now and it STILL happens. Can you point out the bonobos in particular you're thinking of?

                        bruschetta, dear sweet delicious bruschetta: It happens in shorts, too. The only thing it doesn't seem to happen in is running shorts. Maybe I need to buy some elastic waistband jeans with a drawstring.

                        All: Is this something that just inherently happens if you don't have a flat stomach? Because if you have any size gut, it seems like your belt naturally falls across your iliac crests rather than the on-the-stomach two-inches-below-your-navel. Is it possible for someone to be fat and NOT have their crack show?



                          First off, 5' 10" 170 is nowhere near fat. I'm about 5'10' 175 and I have never been called fat in my entire life. Just because you don't have a flat stomach doesn't mean you are fat, everyone is built differently.

                          My butt crack never shows. I wear 501s and bonobos primarily. No issues. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.



                            Just so that I'm not accused of having body issues, I say I'm almost overweight because BMI seems to be the big trend these days. And according to my weight and height, I'm a 24.4 (and overweight starts at 25).

                            I only bring up weight in the first place because plumber's crack seems to be more prevalent among heavier people, so I wonder if I just haven't hit the "it's not a problem any more!" threshold.



                              I guess I read that 505's have more of a curved waistband than 501s, going higher in the back. That may help. I tend to think you must be wearing the wrong size pants or something.