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A theory of monkstraps

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    A theory of monkstraps

    So, I think that, in the abstract, monkstraps are kind of cool. But I'd never think of buying them. Here's my theory about why that is: you have to have your whole game together, and be already pretty well established yourself as a stylish guy, to not look ridiculous. Your suit can't fit poorly, you can't make any rookie errors, and you can't have a limited wardrobe, because you've got to wear other stuff all the time that makes your monkstraps fit seamlessly into your style. Otherwise they look desperately out of place... you would look like the guy who thinks cameras are really cool, and so you have the flashy top of the line camera, but no tripod and no idea what to do with it.

    I'm not saying people can't pull them off -- they do. I'm saying that the risks for a guy like me outweigh the rewards, and that I couldn't pull them off without making sure I had everything set for a while beforehand. I think there are other things like this, too -- maybe bracelets (which I'd never wear anyway, not my thing, but on some dudes it looks ok). Thoughts? Do most average folks not think a monkstrap is "calling your shot"?


    Technically speaking Monk straps are meant to be worn more casually as they are "busy" and less formal.

    If you wear them with a suit that's somewhat of a mismatch, it could look great though.

    My personal opinion regarding wearing them, I can't stand the look of people rolling up their jeans really far, short pants just blatently drawing attention to the shoe. I think your jeans should come down and cover the top buckle up and just leave the bottom kind of hanging out there, just enough to catch a glipse and be like hey what's he wearing.

    Somewhat like

    Bottom left picture you can see his pants cover 1 strap.



      I don't like monks and I agree that they are hard too pull off, unless you have a really great/complementary look on top.



        I guess I'm saying that they have to be the last piece of your style puzzle.



          I could be misinformed here, but I thought monk straps are akin to loafers in terms of their casualness. So generally speaking, where you would wear loafers you could just wear monk straps.

          I used to think, "There's no way I could pull of monk strap shoes," and then I bought a pair of AE Norwich single straps from eBay for $51 and have found them to be just like any other shoe . I wear them now without concern that there is a strap and buckle on it.

          Confidence and mindset play a role here. If you think they're hard to wear and you think you'll look odd in them, chances are you will project that when you wear them.

          In the end, if you like the way they look, wear them & wear them proudly. Look at pictures of outfits for what you think looks good and what doesn't look good if you need some inspiration. But don't think too hard about it--this is just shoes & clothing we're talking about



            I agree with runners. 90% of the population doesn't know what traditional style rules "demand" anymore and if you are that obsessed and caring about those rules such that you are not wearing something you like, I'm sorry.

            Fact of the matter is, what most people here would claim is a crazy style mistake will go completely unnoticed by the world at large.

            I'm not saying don't try for a higher standard, build a traditionally styled wardrobe, or dress appropriate for your audience, but it saddens me that I see so many people psyching themselves out on this site.....I thought that was for the SF site lol. So much arbitrary criticism.

            Think about it. Monk straps. They are shoes. People aren't likely to notice and, if they look good and you aren't in one of the few formally dictated scenarios where it is inappropriate, you will be fine. Unless you wear the insecurity all over your face.



              This is an interesting thread.

              @spartan, I will disagree with one part here. With monk straps, in my experience, people will notice your shoes.

              Like it or not, they do draw more attention than other shoes. I like mine and wear them frequently. I don't mind people asking about them. However, some people may feel awkward about this or feel that it is, on some level, peacockery.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                For the record I think monk straps are sexy and that's all I'm focused on buying for shoes next. The Italian and Spanish brands caught my attention, especially after AE called me regarding my review, and told me the shoes I bought had a narrow last blah blah buy more of our shoes after they emailed and said they wanted to make sure I was satisfied. Not at all impressed with ae, and they knew I spent $500, thought they might offer me a discount.

                Magnanni Francisco in cognac are what I have my eye on, if curious



                  For the record (the all important record!) I think monk straps look cool. And, I'm not worried about breaking rules. What I am worried about is wearing one "peacock" item without being able to back that up. People in general don't know much about fashion, but they know that a monk strap is a flashy thing -- precisely because *no one wears them but people who are into style.* So, I'd need to actually have a closet full of nice and stylish clothes, and know how to wear them stylishly, or I'll come across like a poser. That's all I'm saying. It's not about me personally feeling too insecure to wear them. It's about wearing shoes that signal something that I can't back up right now. I think you have to add monkstraps at the end of your style education, not at the beginning.



                    I agree with that, have some good quality multi function shoes first, and good dress pants+shirts etc.

                    I just stated for the record I thought they were sexy as my first post came off more of a correction of what they should be worn with rather than it being more of a I think you should give em a go. I'm just on a whim going to try them with existing wardrobe, still need to buy suits and blazers, maybe a few more wool pants to really have a decent closet still

                    I was thinking I could wear straps with chinos...but I really really dislike my chinos now; ironing, getting caught in shoe, skinny fit ones...the leg opening is too small and they have to either be rolled or tucked in(both looks don't do it for me). So raw jeans + monks are next BB is right about they are difficult to match with clothing, at least my mind right now agrees.



                      I'm in the same boat as shad0wlife. I love them, I want them, I'm eventually going to pick up a pair except I'm pretty obsessed with a pair of Shoepassion monks at the moment.


                      My cocktail videos >



                        I don't love them, and I don't hate them, they are just one of the style battles I have chosen not to fight. I think others can look great in them.

                        For me, now it is all about pursuing the perfect pair of whole-cuts



                          How the hell do you order from Shoepassion anyways, even the "Land" drop down doesn't have Canada or USA.

                          But wow, they are like the german AE, but cheaper.



                            @shadow - I'd like to hear more on this AE experience...



                              @shad0w email them. they will subtract out the VAT and add in international shipping. VAT is like 17.5% or so

                              My cocktail videos >