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White Dress Shirt Suggestions/Deals?

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    White Dress Shirt Suggestions/Deals?

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to pick up some white dress shirts for work and I'm having trouble finding a good option.

    I checked out CT and Brooks Brothers, and it looks like a tailored, non-iron shirt will run me $60-80 dollars. Basically I'm looking for a white shirt that I don't have to get altered (so tailored or extra-sf) but also doesn't wrinkle and disintegrate 2 washes in.

    This is what I'm looking for:||FS006WHT|||||||||||||

    or, in a perfect world|white-tailored|BK072WHT|||||||||||||

    Is there any way I can pick something like this up for less than $50-60 without needing any alterations?


    Those links aren't working for me, but I picked up a CT tailored white dress shirt in store during this most recent sale for $49 and it fits me quite well. Like you, I suspect, most "slim" fits don't fit all that slim on me: I'm 5'8", 151 lbs, 15.5/33.



      If you're willing to wait, CT usually has sales where they drop the white to $40. I have their non-iron in white and love it. My only complaint is that their "slim fit" still has a bit of slack (I'm 5'10, 170lbs). If you've got a flat/concave stomach, then tailored (that is, their "Tailored Fit" version) is the way to go.



        I recently picked up some Calibrate and Nordstrom shirts at 50% off ($30 ea.). Depending on your size, they might have some Trim Fit shirts that fit you. They separate their shirt to Trim fit and Extra-trim fit. Here's an explanation of their sizing and here's a list of the Trim Fit shirts.



          Wait for one of the 40% off one item sales from (Neiman Marcus' outlet website). The Neiman Marcus trim-fit shirts are excellent, and around $30 with the discount.

          [Edit] In fact it appears that you can get a shirt 40% off today and tomorrow.




            Well you just missed some groupon sales, 3 shirts MTM for $100. But go MTM route, I personally hate CT after their whole "Oh yeah we should have told you to order from UK site as US doesn't include custom for Canada, tough shit, no you can't put a reivew on our site!" F'in idiots, I bet their customer satisfaction is much less than the 90+ they love to have.

            Try MTM:


            itailor(I haven't tried them yet they had a good review though)

            fitcustomshirts (with code AAAC for %25 off, or buy 5 shirts for price of 4 should be about $60 or so)



              My favorite is one from J.Crew that I picked up quite cheaply. If all you want is white, though, ModernTailor is *absolutely* the way to go, since the basic white shirt is only like $35 shipped if it's your first order from them. Cheapest MTM that there can be had, and I really like their quality.



                Ive got a white twill Charles Tyrwhitt tailored fit. It fits pretty well, but what annoys me is the sleeves went from just about perfect, to almost too short from a cold wash.



                  I absolutely love the CT slim fit shirts. I need a new white shirt because the ones I have are getting pretty ratty. Thinking of either getting a CT or maybe a Ratio MTM shirt. It sounds like Ratio is a bit out of your price range though.



                    Is $19.95 too expensive for a custom white shirt?


                    Fabric is thin, but hey...



                      Why not try

                      They offer custom dress shirts only in $29.90

                      Whereas deal is concerned. They offer one free shirt on buying 4 ore more.



                        I have one Neiman Marcus trim-fit shirt and like BenR said, it's really good. BUT they come in two-inch intervals for sleeve length and the 32/33 is a little short for me. Annoying. So I might not buy more.

                        I'm assuming the 34/35 would be two inches longer - is that right? If so, way too long for me.

                        My second favorite shirt is a Brooks Bros extra-slim fit, bought on sale. But the spread collar is kind of big. The NM has a smaller collar, which I like a lot more.

                        I have a few stock Paul Fredrick shirts and feel pretty "meh" about them. They look OK but feel cheap and the collars seem be poorly constructed. I won't buy again.

                        Also, Lands End shirts are really good too - just not quite as trim as I would like. But I will probably still buy them from time to time for shirts for which I won't wear a tie - I have to go down on neck size to get one that fits right in the body. Tremendous value.