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Indochino Deal (FYI) vs. Suit Supply

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    Oh weird, when I looked yesterday at the IndoChino deal it had it ending in two days... now it says 5+ days.

    I had ordered a suit from them in the past but returned it, it was one of their cotton suits and just not what I expected. The pants fit amazing but the jacket was too large in every proportion and would have needed to be remade. The suit was much more structured and shiny than I expected for a cotton suit, so rather than deal with remakes and such I just opted to return it and that was very painless.

    This past time around they e-mailed me and confirmed some measurements, so I'm hoping for a somewhat better fit off the bat. Either way, this time I went with their grey prince of whales suit and I've heard good things about it and their regular grey suit, so I'm optimistic. Its more of a formal suit, so their structured style should be more appropriate.

    If the quality seems decent, even if it needs remake/alterations, I'll probably jump on this deal because I'm interested in a couple other of their suits. The $320 HAS been popping up on the regular now but I remember not too long ago when they went from cheap prices and constant sales to less cheap prices and never any sales. It might be a seasonal thing (less people probably buy suits in summer) so I'd like to take advantage of them - $320 for a suit is good and I've heard good things about their shirts.



      Prince of Whales?



        I cannot for the life of me find this deal through searching. Can anybody help me out with a link? Thanks so much.

        Edit: Found it, phew, why was that so hard?



          FWIW, I think the key is to set your expectations properly.

          My first suit required a remake and additional tailoring on the remake…

          My second suit required some minor alterations.

          My third suit was pretty spot on.

          I would just assume that you're going to have to your first suit remade…

          @onerany has it right. I've had pretty much the same history with Indochino. First 3-piece suit and shirts order fit better than anything off the rack, but were too snug all around, so I opted for a remake, and still needed a few tailoring tweaks on that remake vest and pants. Second shirt order made using the corrected measurements from the first order was excellent. Third order of suit and shirt was near perfect. Before that third order, i emailed pics of my posture with the previous jacket to Indochino and they helped me select the proper shoulder shape which made a big difference for me. I also made a few slight tweaks on jacket length, etc that are more of a personal taste thing.

          Indochino is very much a DIY, trial-and-error kind of experience. It helps a lot to know a bit about how things "should be" and about what you want. It can take a few rounds to dial in your measurements.

          All 3 of my orders were made using similar Groupon-type deals or discount codes. Their prices are already competitive for what you get, but if you can catch deals like this, it becomes a no-brainer.



            Seeing as how I will need many more suits for my job coming up, this thread has good information for me. I would like to jump on this deal, but likely cannot afford this and a reliable, easy/quick to wear Macy's suit. The problem with Indochino is that it will take longer than I can afford to go without more suits. Decisions.




              My suit came early. Material is decent. Fit is decent. Waist is a little snug and the shoulders are a bit loose but all stuff a tailor can take care if. The shirt is my only real problem as the sleeves are too short, so it'll have to be remade. The tie is alright, wouldn't pay $50 for it. I'm really happy this time around and will probably jump on the google deal after my tailor gives this a once over.



                I don't have experience with either company, but my friend from law school has started his own bespoke (not just tailored or made to measure) suit company, called Brimble & Clark. They're doing a soft launch this fall, but you can check them out at: They look the business.

                Oh, and don't take my word for it. They're in the third round of casting with the producers at NBC’s Fashion Star. Yeah, this is one company to watch (maybe on television)!



                  So I got the Google Offers deal... Now comes the insurmountably difficult task of actually deciding which suit I want to get. I basically am in need of all the staple suits, though I rarely have the opportunity to wear suits (and typically wear them voluntarily rather than obligatorily), so a GTH suit would still service.

                  I'm thinking perhaps Prince of Wales? And the most controversial part: no belt loops, only brace buttons. There is just something about this style I love (this is SF's Incontro):



                    Or side adjusters. You said in the other thread that your taste has outgrown inexpensive stores like the Gap - how is it that you don't have any suits? What are you spending all this money on? lol I would go the usual navy then gray in wool then a cotton suit followed whatever else works for you like a black suit or tuxedo or a patterned/pinstripe. Prince of Whales ;-) is by no means a GTH - it just looks like a variation of gray until you're up close.



                      Yeah, the Prince of Wales I just got is definitely not GTH. From a few feet away you'd have no idea what the plaid pattern is. I do think some of the vincero grey plaids are a little more bold but the prince of wales is definitely subtle.

                      I'm getting the offer and deciding on more of a statement piece suit this second time around. I don't wear a suit to work, either, so I'd most likely be suiting up for something fun if I wear one. I am thinking either the brown linen, green cotton, or the blue sharkskin this go around. I am for sure going with peak lapels on this one.



                        NC - Shoes, mostly. Lol. And I do have suits, just not staple suits, I have a few in seersucker and linen.. I really wish I had nice SCs like you seem to always be sporting.

                        Thanks for the input on the PoW, glad to hear that it can still be considered somewhat classically appropriate!



                          I don't think I'm going to participate this go-round. I wish I knew if they were doing another offer next month. :/



                            Their best deal in the last year was getting two suits for $500 on Cyber Monday 2011.



                              Vespa - Yeeeeep, I'm with you on the peak lapel train. I've kinda fallen in love with how they look.



                                @Malachi - I contacted Indochino asking for a full refund for a suit I got through this deal and was told that I couldn't get any kind of refund since I purchased it through the Google offers deal, could perhaps forward the e-mail where they told you that you could get a refund? I'm [email protected] if you wouldn't mind.