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Indochino Deal (FYI) vs. Suit Supply

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    Indochino Deal (FYI) vs. Suit Supply

    For anyone that is interested Google Offers is offering a deal for Indochino, for a suit (priced at $379 - their essential collection), shirt, and tie, for $320.

    I was just about to pull the trigger and order a Napoli from SuitSupply when I saw this deal. I know feelings towards Indochino are a bit mixed, seems to lean more towards negative, but at this price it's a tempting offer.

    I sent an inquiry to Indochino to see what their return policy is regarding the deal since you wouldn't actually be purchasing through them. I'll make an update when I get a response.

    Indochinio vs SuitSupply, any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


    Your post is astoundingly well timed as I was literally hours from pulling the trigger on a Washington fit from SS (Suit Supply, not Schutzstaffel, coincidentally.) Definitely going to make the Indochino leap this time. Please be sure to update when you get that response, as that'd be a deal breaker for me if they wouldn't accept the return...

    As gorgeous as Suit Supply suits are, the upfront cost + the tailoring cost is a little extreme.. I also cherish the customization options on the Indochino.



      Check Black Lapel as well guys



        I was weighing the same options last week with the vente deal and pulled the trigger on an essential gray indochino. im thinking next year i will spring for a suit supply once the dc store is up and running and i am able to go in for a fitting. excited to get my first indochino. should arrive the first few days of august.

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          When should Suit Supply start doing business in DC?



            No idea when it will open. All I know is that they have been hiring and they have leased space in Georgetown.

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              My suit from the father's day Thrillist deal (Same deal as this) arrives Friday, right around when this deal is slated to end. I'd really like to see how that comes out in the flesh before I'd pull the trigger on another suit from them. Ugh.



                It actually appears to end Saturday, Vespa, so you might have time to do that.



                  FWIW, I think the key is to set your expectations properly. I got my third suit from Indochino on the Thrillist deal last week. My first suit required a remake and additional tailoring on the remake - all covered but requiring a lot of extra time. My second suit required some minor alterations. My third suit was pretty spot on. I would just assume that you're going to have to your first suit remade, with the inherent delay, so you're not upset when it happens.



                    I just heard a response from Indochino and they said you have 14 days after receiving your suit for a full refund.

                    After taking a look at black lapel I feel my decision just got harder. Does anyone have any experience with them? I tried looking around but only found it mentioned a couple of times.

                    Considering I'm hoping to purchase the suit for a wedding on Sept 1, Indochino may not be the best option.

                    Indochino v Suit Suppy v Black Lapel?



                      Black Lapel seems so unknown... Bit of a risk. Sept 1 seems like it would be enough time for delivery and tailoring if necessary, but definitely not for a remake if that's what is needed. Your safest bet is Suit Supply since it's rapid, but it's not the cheapest of the three.



                        Frick I can't remember, but someone I thought ordered from Black Lapel and Indochino and sent the Indochino suit back for a full refund.


                        Some quick differences:

                        -they always use 100% Bemberg lining - something you only get with the Indochino Vincero suits

                        -Furthermore, their suits are half-canvassed, with horsehair lining in the chest piece and lapels. This makes sure the suit drapes well and you won't run into troubles at the dry cleaners (my advice is to avoid dry cleaning if possible

                        Regarding Dappered community: WhiteKnight posted this

                        I ended up canceling the Indochino order before it went into production and I received the Black Lapel suit yesterday. I'll post a more thorough review with photos when I get a chance but the short story is that I'm very happy with it. Construction seems great for the price and they actually nailed my measurements very well. I'm taking it to the tailor today for a second opinion and possibly some minor adjustments but overall I think that Black Lapel will be seeing more of my business. Especially if any coupon codes float my way... ahem.


                        Edit: who the heck has a timeframe on here? I thought this was a google offer post and haven't seen a "i need a suit in 2 months!" but that should still fall within the timeline for all of them, just BL from what I read is better fitted off the bat.

                        I also was looking at indochino and suit supply but if I had to right now I'd go BL, I'm waiting for some form of coupon if I can put if off that long. but so far there isn't much of a price difference but that review below posted by Jessy they even show how well they pattern matched.



                          I'll be buying a suit from Black Lapel in a few months.

                          But once again, since it's MTM and you're somewhat short on time, so you're taking some risks if you need a remake.

                          EDIT : shad0w4life was faster than me, he posted the same review. So here's another.




                            If you have a September 1 wedding, you should be going to Macy's in the next two weeks and trying on suits so you can get one to the tailor in time. Don't even think about ordering online when you have a deadline! Six weeks just to get the suit, unless they have production delays like I encountered, not to mention time for a remake or alterations.



                              I have two Indochino suits and am very happy with them. I think they're best for a slim guy who doesn't wear a suit everyday.

                              Don't stress about getting this particular deal. They do the $320 deal about once a month.