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Are these shoes worth resoling?

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    Are these shoes worth resoling?

    I love these shoes. Sadly, they are coming apart. The worse bit? I wear them less than twice a week and they are not holding up well.

    The first week I wore them it was raining and the sides of both shoes immediately got water damaged. I have been able to keep them presentable by giving them some weekly TLC. However, if closely inspected the damage is evident.

    Now, I wore them yesterday and found a hole in the sole. This is the first time I have ever seen this on a pair of shoes I've owned.

    Couple of questions: Has anyone else seen this on a shoe? Anyone have similar experiences with Gordon Rush? Is it worth resoling?

    I think I spent about $70 after some DSW rewards coupons and like I said, I don't wear them often.

    Here are some pics:


    Depends how much you like them really.

    I hate split toes, yours really looks like a bum crack.

    For these shoes, i'd rather look on ebay for something more my taste. Plus the damage on the side is rather excessive, I think you should for sure just buy a pair on ebay to replace them, if you want a cheap option.

    Otherwise go to town on a nice pair of something

    Just a note for newbie shoe owners, always at least polish(twice preferred first time) with something wax based before first wear outside! Suggested most of the time however is apply cream, then polish X2 before the first wear outside.



      Not worth it at all. I had a similar problem with DSW shoes in the past, lots of the brands sold in the store have very thin soles and wore out quickly. I've taken to wearing thicker soled shoes that can be resoled because of this. Hadn't had that problem since.



        Not worth it man.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          That's sad to hear. That means that these shoes will perish on my next trip since I'll just abandon them there.

          Thanks gentlemen.



            You would easily spend $70 to resole/recondition them. Seeing how I prefer to buy Allen Edmonds shoes for $40 or less, I don't think I would even spend $125 for their recrafting service unless they were an heirloom.