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    Tuxedo Shirts

    Anyone have a lead on a quality tuxedo shirt? I just bought my tux and while the bow tie will be easy to get (thanks TieBar), finding a decent shirt/cummerbund that's not too pricey is proving more difficult than I'd thought.


    So I spent a decent amount of time researching tux shirts for my wedding back in June and discovered that the trend for the last few years has been to go with a plain white dress shirt, no pleats, no studs, with French cuffs. Some folks are doing covered plackets, some showing white buttons. I was going for a clean, classy look, so that jived with me and I love the way it came out, sharp and uncluttered.

    I ended up with a Thomas Pink slim fit button down, Oxford pattern. It was spendy—$185—but damn, it is a great shirt. No pleats on the back, really solid cloth, a perfect fit—didn't even have to tailor it.

    My second choice, in the $90 range, was a Hugo Boss in herringbone. It was a barrel cuff, but a good tailor either has or knows someone who has a button hole machine and can flip the barrel out to be French for <$20.

    I've also heard good things about 1MX from Express, and they go for $60. The quality apparently isn't as good, but if you're using it as a dedicated tux shirt and aren't wearing the tux all the time, it'll probably last you a good while.

    Good luck and us know what you end up with!