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    Blue Jeans

    I am looking for a good brand/decent price of blue jeans with a straight fit and no lame designs on the pockets. I am not even sure where to begin (rebuilding my wardrobe after losing a decent amount of lost weght). Do you guys have some brands that you would suggest?


    Bonobos has great jeans that are made here in the US and have no silly patterns on the back pockets. They fit really well.



      ive been pretty pleased with Levis. Although some hate the logon the back, I find its generally covered by belts.

      Bonobos would be where i'd go if you are willing to put that kinda cash into a good set of jeans.



        Old Navy.



          Gap/Old Navy, Levis, J.Crew, Bonobos. If you're in NYC, I heard good things about Uniqlo japanese denim.



            If you want to try raw denim.

            Sub $100 brands off the top of my head

            Benny Gold


            Uniqlo may still have some

            Levi 501




              Levi's 501s, and if you don't like the leather label on the waist band it is literally a 3 minute job to remove it.



                Levi's pretty much sets the standard in men's jeans. The card patch and red tag are so ubiquitous that they are basically invisible - not sure why people get so riled up about them. You can usually get them for $25-30 on sale. Target also sells a Levi's sub-brand called Denizen, which used to be known as Levi Signature. I have a pair of Levi Signature jeans that I got from Target 3-4 years ago and while they are probably on their last legs, they have held up surprisingly well considering the cost.

                Otherwise, GAP is typically a good source. Old Navy is a good option if you are strapped for cash. Others have mentioned Bonobos, but those strike me as too expensive unless you can get them at a pretty steep discount.




                  personally I would never buy GAP(mine fell apart fast) or Levi's.

                  I'm more into Made in USA/Canada jeans now, they just seem to fit/look a bit better, and I never once got any compliments when wearing cheaper jeans. Switched to more expensive and all of a sudden it was "what are those", "where did you get a pair, my husband needs to get those" etc.

                  Not saying go buy a $500 pair, but $150-$200 range go try some on and see.



                    I've been wearing Levi's for the past few years I've only got two pairs (514s and 521 to be specific) but I've had zero issues with them, they're affordable sure to go with darker denim



                      When it comes to denim, "you get what you pay for" really comes into play. Invest in some quality raw denim and, as long as your weight doesn't fluctuate too broadly, it'll only get better with age. For good, reasonably priced straight leg, check out the J Brand Kane.