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Top picks from Mr B.s by Aldo sale..

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    @Zack, my Blakes are a little large, but not enough to size down in my case. I plan on wearing them in the fall/winter mostly with thicker socks so I figured it would even out. Hope it works out for you, man.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      If I find them to be tight, I can just swap them for the Navy's in size 10. Win-win!

      I've bought ALDO in the past for beater/runaround shoes, typically sizing up to 10, but even with thicker socks, felt too much slip for my taste. I figure sizing down and sticking with standard socks that I get from GAP, Express, BR, etc. should be OK. I mainly want the boots for winter wear. I got the Timberland Earthkeepers at the Nordstrom sale, but wanted another boot to rotate them with. Budget won't allow the Dalton at this point, but I'm aiming for a pair of those within the next year. Thrifting never turns up much luck for me when it comes to AE.