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    BTW, I ended up buying the Blake in Bordeaux, Adamis in Bordeux and Adamis in Dark Gray. I really wanted the Adamis in navy as well but I just couldnt think of how I would wear them. I may get them anyway. A low-risk purchase since I can just return them to the store for free.

    May end up getting the Mabus as well after seeing the pics trash linked at the top of the page.



      Has anyone's order shipped yet?

      I ordered 3 pair (as listed directly above) and only the Dark Gray Adamis have shipped. No-go on the Bordeaux Blakes or Adamis.



        Apparently mine have arrived already. You might want to call.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          I ordered the Adamis in Grey on Monday morning for (what I considered) a bargain $50 shipped. I just called Aldo to question as to why my order hadn't shipped yet and the rep proceeded to tell me that they are out of stock and would have to cancel my order. Bummer... I even found and bought a grey belt to match yesterday.



            I ordered the grey adamis and received them the very next day. The brogueing is a little big for my taste but definitely not big enough to bother me at $50 shipped. Solid buy thx for the tipoff!



              My Gray Adamis are here. Still pending on the others. Gonna be kinda pissed if they don't get shipped. Might try to get them to swap the Bordeaux for the Dark Brown Blakes at no extra charge if it gets cancelled.

              The Bordeaux Adamis are still showing as in stock but they haven't shipped either. Dont know whats up with that.



                My grey Adamis are still "processing"...

                Anybody else have any sizing suggestions on the Blake boots? If I can ever finish this stupid game to get the 15% code I'm thinking of grabbing a pair. Seems like sizing down at least a half is suggested, wondering if I should go beyond that.




                  ^ enter for free shipping



                    Hmmm...they sent me an email saying they are trying to locate the stock.

                    Meanwhile, I tried on the Adamis. I wear between a 10.5 and an 11 (more like 10.75) so I ordered the 11 and they're too big. So gonna exchange them.

                    My idea is to call them up and tell them not to ship the 11s and go with 10s instead. Maybe they'll have those in stock.



                      Just got my pair of blue Adamis. And may I say I love them.

                      PS: Any guides/advice on how to care for these? I'm new to the "nice shoe" game.



                        My Grey Adamis are here and my Bordeaux Adamis are shipped.

                        Gonna have to exchange them for a size down, though.

                        Still no word on my Bordeaux Blakes.

                        If I don't get the Blakes I may return both Adamis. They were really just impulse purchases more than anything so I'm kinda undecided. Really want the Blakes tho



                          Got my boots in, I sized down a half but they're still slightly big and wide, going to try an insole. I can definitely see why some people were saying they're a bit chunky, but all in all not bad. If I can get them to fit great I'll probably hold on to them, or see if a local store has a smaller size in stock to exchange with, assuming I can maintain the sale price and 15% discount code from that Aldo shoe collecting game.

                          My Adamis are still processing, got a couple updates saying they're looking for stock.



                            got the loafers and they are too big. Any advice on the sizing for the adamis? I'm about to order those because they seem really nice for the price (intentional rhyme)

                            I wear a 10 in allen edmonds. Anybody have experience with both?

                            also those blue adamis' are sick



                              Just ordered the Blakes in Bourdeaux. I was debating on pulling the trigger on the Navy ones last night (and the Bourdeaux in my size had been out of stock...) but today just the opposite happened. Navy is only available in size 10 but the Bourdeux sizes were restocked. Orders those and the Washlers to try out. Worst case scenario is I return them to the Aldo that's only 10 minutes from my place.

                              Adamis in both gray and navy in my size are gone. I've been adhering to a pretty strict budget so this was a splurge as it is, but the look of both the gray and navy piqued my interest enough to want to give them a test drive.



                                And re: sizing. I'm a 9.5D in Allen Edmonds/most dress shoes, and I sized down to a 9 for these. Previous Aldo experience has shown their sizes often run a little big/loose.