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I'm awful at casual wear, especially summer clothing

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    I'm awful at casual wear, especially summer clothing


    So after much reading on SF and here, I feel pretty capable of dressing myself in the workplace and in dressy/casual date situations.

    However, I've really struggled to come up with simple t-shirt + jeans / shorts type outfits for the summer. I recently picked up the blue pincord shorts from Target and really like them (though $25 felt like a lot to spend for them).

    A few casual, specific questions:

    1. Suggestions for good simple summer brown sandals? I should probably pick up some plain white sneakers as well. Not a big fan of bucks.

    2. Thoughts on good places to buy slim shorts that are approximately knee length?

    3. What are your favorite casual belts?

    Ugh. I dunno why casual is so tough for me.


    1) Simple brown sandals can be found anywhere on the cheap at H&M, target and etc. Perhaps some brown boat shoes instead?

    2) Hmm, before you do that, it might be easier and cheaper to just get your existing shorts hemmed at a tailor?

    3) I like web and suede belts



      zerostyle, I'm glad you brought this up. I've thought it about you for quite some time, but I didn't want to broach the subject. (Tongue-in-cheek).



        The Rivington shorts from J. Crew Factory are meant to hit just about on the knee. I'm not sure how slim they are, but they certainly aren't cargo shorts.



          1) Consider Rainbows, they're a popular brand of sandal out here. (Though you could probably do very well with less expensive brands too)

          Some here might not approve, but consider places like Old Navy, they're great for summer outfits.



            God I hate boat shoes. There has to be a better option.



              If you don't like boat shoes, you can always go for driving loafers or a basic grey canvas sneaker.

              "We had a sick night b*tches!"



                I would love to have these sneakers in gray or "natural." Basic, summery, but not overly casual. Would go with anything. Gray is, imho, the most important color in a man's wardrobe. Anything goes with it.


                If you are only going to have a couple pairs of shorts, stick to ultra basic colors like khaki and gray that go with everything. Colors that go well with light blue (as per your shorts) in my experience are sage/olive green, khaki, brown, medium/dark grays (need contrast), white, and cream. I tend to stick to neutral colors for my pants/shorts for the sake of simplicity. Patterns complicate things as well. If you like colorful or patterned shorts, stock up on neutral colored sport shirts and polos. I have a feeling that white sport shirts will be your best friend with those shorts.

                I don't feel like shorts should be quite so form fitting as pants. It looks hipstery. My favorite shorts are the ones that I had altered from pants that were just a tad baggier than I like.



                  Big Scooter, I actually have the gray seavees and love them. I wore them when I was running around NYC for a week and they are very comfortable. They do in fact go with pretty much everything.




                    I feel like this is the aspect of style I'm most comfortable with as my job requires me to be casual most of the time.

                    1. Decent brown sandals can be picked up a lot of places, really. Just look on Endless or somewhere similar for styles you like. I highly recommend Chaco. Not cheap, but they have great arch support and are extremely comfortable. Also, there has to be SOME style of "boat shoe" that you don't hate! Either way, look into driving loafers, loafers, mocs (which a lot of boat shoe styles these days actually are), canvas sneakers, or even super casual long wings. It's nice to have a casual summer shoe that isn't a sandal.

                    2. If you can get comfortable with 1-2" above your knee I think it really looks better. Depending on height, of course. LEC, Target, and Gap have worked out the best for me over time here. Target has a tailored fit that is pretty nice (their red chambray in this fit is excellent, but I can't find it online).



                    From LEC: I have the linen in grey, navy, and the red stripe colors and the chino short in blue. The fit is nice, but a little shorter (hits more than 1" above the knee. I am 6')



                    The Gap's look a little longer and less slim this year, but I'm not sure



                    3. I'm hurting in this department too. I usually just wear a medium brown casual leather one as I rarely tuck anything in during summer.

                    From there, decent polos, some nice T's (plain v-necks always work), light-weight shirts and you're set.


                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                      I feel like summer casual is the easiest.

                      Polo, linen/cotton pants and some sneakers or DBs

                      Linen shirt, and shorts or linen/cotton pants, sneakers or DBs

                      a lighter OCBD with shorts or linen/cotton pants, sneakers of DBs.

                      Im noticing a pattern.



                        Hmm.. I don't actually own any linen pants, though I do have several pairs of chinos.

                        What's really pissing me off lately in the inability to find a polo that fits me. Pretty much all the smalls are too small, but mediums are too big.