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    extra slim suit,en_US,pd.html&cgid=71134#

    got this suit last week

    i want to wear this suit twice a week to work

    any thoughts on this suit?


    It's very slim, so it might be difficult to wear twice weekly. But if you switched up the complementary colors it might be fine.



      I like it, but not in black.



        Black is a pretty serious color...which works if you're in a serious kind of office.



          If you have a slim build, you should be buying slim suits anyways.



            Personally I'd go with a Suit Supply at that price point.

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              work at a bank

              i really like the feel of suit when trying it on

              just wish it was cheaper!

              i wanted buy jcrew ludlow suit

              but jcrew hasnt had a sale for regular price items forever!



                At my local bank branch, everyone wears a black suit, so it seems appropriate for your line of work.



                  What does a suit being slim have to do with wearing it twice weekly? (seriously inquiring here)

                  imho Any suit can be worn twice weekly on nonconsecutive days,much like shoes, and just switch it up on the other pieces. Obviously, wearing two different suits four out of five days of every week is not a great idea,but you better believe I rotate in my favorite suits twice weekly if needed.



                    I think the concern is about being too fashion-forward. To that, I would just recommend having all of your suits being close-fitting without appearing constricting. If you've got some older suits that don't fit very well and one suit that is perfect, I see the problem. I donated the ones that didnt fit me and have slowly added new pieces.



                      @spartanlaw -- What @NC said. Particularly in a conservative setting (i.e., a law firm, or at least mine), slim anything gets noted quickly. When I wear my 3"-3.125" ties, I even get a few comments about wearing slim ties... although I do work at a firm that's really conservative.



                        3" ties? They're just being weird at that point! Give 'em something to talk about!



                          Ahhh, glad I don't have to worry about that in my practice :-) but I'm in a small state, the legal culture is much more laid back.



                            @NC -- yeah, pretty conservative... partially may be due to my size (tall, athletic/wide shoulders, etc.) so that the tie looks skinnier than it actually is. I do think that, for me at least, 3.125" ties are pretty ideal.