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Got an employee hookup at Lands' End tomorrow - suggestions for a rookie?

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    Got an employee hookup at Lands' End tomorrow - suggestions for a rookie?

    Hey folks,

    A friend of mine is an employee at Lands' End and will price out some stuff for me tomorrow; he said he gets about 40% off full-priced items and can check on sale/reduced items for me, too. I am just really getting started on this whole "looking respectable" thing and this site has been an amazing resource. That being said, I still have very little clue as to what I am doing and could really use some advice.

    I'm not planning on buying my entire wardrobe from there, of course, but would like to get started with some basics. If you guys could help me out by suggesting some of your "top picks" from Lands' End, I would hugely appreciate it. Thanks a million!


    Does the discount apply to Allen Edmonds shoes as well? That would be a big win



      I buy a ton of stuff from them. Things I'd think about:

      1. Hyde Park oxfords. These are universally respected, the equivalent of the famous Brooks Brothers non-non-iron shirts. Can't beat them for OCBD. Some are on sale. I even like the checks.

      2. A suit, esp. if it's already on sale. Their basic suit is often cited as the way to go for a basic and budget-conscious option.

      3. I've had good luck with khakis, both on the regular site and Canvas.

      4. Their ties have a pretty good reputation, too.

      5. If you want non-iron dress shirts, you can get everything from button down to spread collar.

      This is a very personal list. If your hook up allows you to return anything you want to Sears, I'd say go for whatever.



        LEC has good OCBDs (Oxford Cotton Button-Down). And in general, their shirt selection looks good. They have good chinos from what I see too.



          LE shirts/buttondowns are GREAT quality for the money. However, they do run rather baggy, so buy the tailored fit, and size down in the neck if you don't plan on wearing them with a tie.

          I'd also check out the Year'rounder tailored fit plain front wool pants.



            My favorite reading material for a wardrobe refresh:



              And don't share any details about the store you're going to. Lands End reads this site, so you don't want your friend to lose their job or get disciplined.