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Against dust, Super game headset recommended

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    Against dust, Super game headset recommended

    Game maker Codemasters heavy launched this year's "Colin McRae: DiRT 3" in the May 24 landing of the major gaming platform. Beats by Dre Tour to the previous generation, "dust" on the

    characterization of the car more refined, and new entrants to the snow, the mountains track allows players to body

    Experience the feel of the game under different road conditions, while the mud gradually contaminated with body set will still save, I hunch, this is bound to trigger a new

    round game craze.

    Want players to feel for himself in the game Wonderland, in addition to excellent picture, but also with drift when the tire and road surface friction sound, and the roar of the

    engine real sound effects, so buy an excellent gaming headset , experience and proximity to the Wonderland feel it is important to

    The. Here I recommend positioning different gaming headsets.

    High-end gaming headset: Somic G989

    Features: 5.1-channel physical flagship design work, the USB audio transmission Gaming Headset

    Price: $ 599

    Somic G989 is an enthusiast gaming headset, positioned for high-end gamers.

    Somic G989 headset styling is very generous, the atmosphere, the material is very delicate, the body is made of ABS plastic. The outer surface of earmuffs with the first beam

    external paint after rubber processing, delicate touch. The headset does not use pressurized ear design in favor of the all-inclusive ear-depth design

    Create a clean, in order to maximize the noise the listening environment.

    Headset accessories, gaming headsets as a 5.1 channel USB interface, a special driver is essential to give full play to the Beats by Dre Solo speaker unit, the ability to multi-channel

    sound to play more in place. As a result of a 5.1-channel in the real physical

    Number of sound unit inside the headset up to 8, no wonder Somic G989 earmuffs volume relative to the average headset, so as to arrange for so much sound unit layout.

    The headset, the whole structure with a calm at the same time, there is no pressure, due to the broad construct of the headset overall excellent buffer design. Headphones

    heavyweight stature wear will become overbearing, particularly bright red trim on the head, ear to ear Zhou Biao, very

    Wide range surrounded on the one hand, in order to reduce stress, but also to create a better closed listening environment allows players to feel the roar of the real engine and

    drift when the tire and road surface friction sound to reach full players in proximity to situation tense game.

    The author commented: Somic G989 headset has a flagship of the design work, the number of sound units of up to eight ears are surrounded by up to create a closed listening

    environment while also slowing the pressure to wear earmuffs unit, allowing the player completely out of the surrounding environment,

    Really get into a tense game site.

    Somic G927 is a high performance gaming headset, positioned against the budget is low and the sound quality requirements of gamers.

    G927 shape German style line, cool the amplifier, super style of the King. G927 Gaming Headset uses a high-flux permanent magnet core with lightweight CCAW Voice Coil as a unit,

    so that richer sense of low volume, the overall sound more texture. And in the mixer stage

    Also included in the past 135 WCG-player gaming and recording as a debugging reference acoustic unit expression. This is undoubtedly to bring the Gospel to gamers.

    The author commented: Somic G927 headset in addition to a compact and powerful professional modeling, detailed design, materials workmanship are all vividly embodies the

    outstanding Ashkenazi style, at the same time, the overall sound by open, allows players to feel the scene of high-speed drift Cheap Beats By Dre to enjoy.