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HELP! Time sensitive!! Need to buy a suit TODAY!

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    HELP! Time sensitive!! Need to buy a suit TODAY!

    First time post, long time reader. I should've known better, but I didn't.

    I'm in a pickle, guys, and I need your help (and no, I'm not a Nigerian prince trying to move money and offering wealth).

    I was just invited to a wedding. Long story short, my new GF gave it a lot of thought and invited me yesterday to a wedding tomorrow (we just started dating and this wedding will be loaded with family).

    "Ok, great Sose. You read Dappered... you should be set... right?"


    I own two suits. But that was 50 pounds ago.

    Which means that neither one of them is ready for prime time. I had been waiting for me to lose my remaining 15 before buying a suit but needless to say... I'm outta time.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it... is to assist me in finding the best fitting, off the rack suit I can get at the best deal possible. Since the wedding is tomorrow and the suit will be off the rack, I've got some hours to find it.


    Where do I go?

    I live in the DC metro area, so there are several places I could think off: Macy's, Marshall's (and other clothes warehouses of the same ilk), etc.


    I'd say go to Macys and pick up a slim fit off-the-rack suit like Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren (249-289$) that wouldn't hurt on the $$ and are available as suit separates so you don't have to worry about size drops & the likes.

    Some Macys stores have a tailor working around that might even be able to help you with minor modifications.



      Theres a Nordstrom Rack in Chevy Chase. The Chevy Chase JCrew does not have suits. I think the JCrew in Georgetown sells suits as well as the JCrew at Montgomery Mall. Also a Zara in Georgetown. What part of DC Metro? MD or VA? Very different options at each.

      Also check this thread out!!

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        Your issue isn't the's the tailoring. You need to call first and see if they can do in-store hemming on day of purchase. Your best bet is a Nordstrom, as they generally have a tailor on site and should be having a suit sale. call first, though...

        Of course, if you have a local tailor who can do emergency work, then your world opens a bit; but, you will need to find a jacket that needs no work OTR, so I would go someplace that carries jackets with multiple fits...ala Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, or.....God help me....Men's Wearhouse.



          Pratyk, awesome. I'll give those two a shot. The only modification I worry about is the hem, honestly. Since I know anything else would be either almost impossible to get done (time wise) or way too expensive (since it's last minute). That's why an almost perfect off the rack solution is necessary.

          tdig, first off... thanks for the link to the meetup. I hadn't seen it! Hope the final date works out for me though. I'm in NoVa (Arlington, Alexandria). Have you ever bought a suit at Nordstrom Rack? I didn't realize they carry them and there's one in Pentagon City (which I intend on hitting today at noon since there's a Macy's and a Marshall's right there!).

          Bookman, alas... you are correct. The tailoring bit will be a b*tch. My tailor will not be able to turn around a suit as quickly as I'd need it (already called him) unless it's just a hem. Men's Wearhouse? Well... desperate times, call for desperate measures... Thank you!

          Any other options folks?

          I'll keep you all posted. Your responses are truly appreciated.



            I've never been to the Rack in Pentagon City. Some Racks have a good selection of suits and sometimes if you get lucky they will put a call into your closest Nordstrom for tailoring.

            Isn't there a Club Monaco in Arlington?

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              I'd recommend Macy's first and I second Pratyk's suggestion. The Tommy Hilfiger slim suit is pretty damn nice for off the rack, and it was on sale as recently as last weekend (when I picked up one for myself). There's a midnight blue Tommy suit that is a fantastic buy.



                My question is - why the need for a suit? Has the invitation specifically required it? Is it going to be a particularly formal wedding in a particularly formal setting?

                Since you're obviously not going to be standing up in the wedding, my observation is this - unless there is a dire need for a suit specifically, I'm not sure you necessarily NEED one. You can look pretty sharp and appropriate just by wearing a well-fitted blazer and trousers. A lot of people don't even know the difference between a full suit and a jacket with odd trousers.

                A wedding is always a great excuse to put on a suit, especially if you don't have the opportunity to wear one much otherwise. But unless there is a real need for it, I'm not sure I would go out of my way to make a major staple investment like this, for a single event, without some thoughtful consideration of all the available options (including: thrifting, online shopping, tailoring... none of which will be available to you in one day). That's just my $.02.

                If people give you crap for it (and I don't know why they would, since you're not the one getting married) you can always be honest. "I was only invited two days ago and I would have worn a suit, but none of mine fit now that I've lost those extra pounds...."

                Of course, that may be a moot point if you don't own a nice blazer and trousers already. But you might find it easier to find those two things on short notice than a suit, and they will probably be cheaper than buying a suit, as well.




                  Suitsupply has a store opening in DC this month. Not sure if it's open yet, but if it is their stuff has good quality for the price and a very tailored OTR fit. It won't be ultra-cheap, however (their least expensive lines are in the $400-$500), which I'd imagine is a problem if you plan to lose a significant amount of extra weight.



                    If your suit needs alterations, go see Ms. Lee in Georgetown. She does most alterations in an hour and you can get same day suit alterations. She's great.




                      You should not risk looking for same day alterations.

                      You need suit separates where the pants are already hemmed. Don't be a finicky, don't be influenced by snobbish comments.

                      Go to Jos. Bank or Men's Wearhouse or maybe a department store like Macy's or Lord and Taylor. (The head of Gucci went to Jos. Bank for an emergency suit when they lost his luggage).

                      Don't forget a new shirt and tie too. Plus a new dress belt and proper shoes.

                      A suit and shirt that fits plus new shoes, belt and tie will make the right impression. You can always upgrade in the future.



                        I was at Macys last month, and if you want something quick, cheap, with a good fit, try their INC brand. I bought a cotton/linen navy with a really light white pinstripe suit for just over $60 total. Itll likely be a bit more expensive if they arent having a crazy sale like they were when I was there, but you buy separates, and the pants come with waist and length. The jackets have a very modern slim fit also. Mine actually didnt need tailoring at all for me.

                        Just another cheap option, that may solve the tailoring issue. Their Bar III suits also have a nicer more modern slim fit, but will run you around $300 most likely (or more without sale).

                        Good luck!



                          tdig, I just checked and the answer is yes. I'm not familiar with them at all.

                          wmichaeljones, thanks. I will be looking at that Tommy one today. Saw it online and it looks good.

                          BenR, sadly - yes. The invitation asks for men to wear suits. I had never seen anything like that before. This is part of the reason why I was looking for feedback.

                          Standard_Deviance, they are not open yet. They were in my short list.

                          MrClemson8, thanks for the recommendation. Hopefully, I won't need emergency tailoring this go-around.

                          Ted, I've got a great belt I just picked up that fits perfectly and a pair of Italian shoes I bought that were handmade in Pisa when I was there. Those are my go to suit shoes. As far as shirt and tie, you are absolutely correct. I've got bespoke, perfectly tailored dress shirts I can use.

                          Focuspants, I'll look into the INC ones. I'm almost certain Macy's will be my go-to place this time. Not only do they have this sale going on, but I have some coupons that'd help too.

                          Update coming soon.



                            I'm pretty sure the Tommy Hilfiger Slim Fit was 249$ (Suit Separates) and it was plenty good. Bar III was 300$.

                            I am not sure I'd suggest Nordstrom for an emergency suit that might end up costing him 375-400$.



                              Nordstrom, no. Nordstrom Rack might be a good option though. They have $2-300 suits with the same in-house alterations as the main store. They don't carry much by way of separates though, so maybe not a good option if the OP has a nonstandard body type.