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    I got a pair of Gap 1969 selvage straight leg jeans I love. They were having a 40% off sale last month and I got them for like $50.



      I like Naked & Famous "Weird Guys" for a tapered cut, Nudie Jeans "Slim Jim" and "Average Joe" for slim straight leg. I almost always buy raw denim as I like the look and feel of it when they are brand new. Also, the way it fades, distresses and gets really comfortable from wearing it is much better, to me, than anything you buy pre-washed. Why buy jeans that look like someone else already wore them, right? That's my thinking anyway.

      The "Slim Jim" style is starting to feel a bit too slim for me lately. I'm a tall and thin guy so slim jeans look normal on me while regular cut jeans look a bit baggy. Even still, I prefer the "Average Joe" style more as it's also a slim straight leg like the "Slim Jim" but has a slightly roomier cut. They're especially more comfortable in the knee area.

      The Naked & Famous brand sources high quality Japanese selvage denim and makes the jeans in Canada. Nudie Jeans is a Swedish company who sources denim from Japan, Italy and Turkey and has the jeans made in Italy. Nudie offers some organic jeans where the indigo is made in an ecologically friendly way and the cotton is grown organically as well. They even started offering jeans that are made from recycled cotton.

      For those who like to see the "Made in the USA" label on your jeans there's a company called 3sixteen who offers really high quality products that are made in New York City of a custom "blend" of heavy (15oz) Japanese denim. That's rare for a smaller scale company.

      To be honest these are all fairly expensive options even with discounts. Denim is one of those articles of clothing I don't mind spending a little more for because I really like the fit and quality of these jeans mentioned above. They get a lot of wear and I hold onto them for a long time so I feel it's worth it for me.



        @Wispa I've looked at those brands and actually those exact fits. They have great reputations.



          I wear a lot of 501s (with the tags cut off). But I have pretty broad shoulders so if I wear jeans that are too slim I look disproportional.