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    Oh, i just looked at those 513s on the levis website. It says that both 501s and 514s sit below the waist, while 513s sit at the waist. In fact, they seem to be the only ones that say they sit at the waist, with everything else saying below the waist or at the hip. Wear at your own peril, unless they are incorrectly marked.



      @greg, From what I understand the 513's are more tapered around the ankle then the 514's, but probably the same diameter around the thigh. This is good for me, because I the think the fit of the 514 is far too wide around my ankle.




        I think guys look better when they wear pants closer to their natural waist (about 1.5" below the navel). Especially with a tucked in shirt.



          BKA, how are those? I wanted the pair of Seven for all Mankind Standard in Mercer (not worn) since it is the pair used in Quantum of Solace (Craig is tied for favorite Bond with Connery in my opinion). I assume they are nice if they are a favorite.



            @Cannon, I love them. They have tiny bit of stretch (size down one inch in the waist for long term stretching) and are so soft it's unbelievable. They are just prewashed/distressed enough not to look like rigid dark denim but still dark enough that all the lightening that happens over time reflects your body and pocket contents, etc. They were my first pair of jeans after college and I am never going back. The $189 price tag and never any sales is hard to swallow, but I go through about a pair every 2 years wearing only on the weekends so it doesn't hurt the wallet too much. Go for it, you won't be disappointed (and you might just look a little more 007).



              Lucky Brand by far my favorite. First they run 34.5 in length, not 34 so its just the right fit for me. Relaxed boot or relaxed straight.

              Nice thing about Lucky, they are still pretty conservatively styled. You can tell they are upper quality jeans by the texture and look, but unlike a lot of high end denim, they don't have a superstylized back pocket. None of that random sequens, rivets, leather trim or crazy gold stitching as if the designer tried to sew his entire signature onto the back.

              They run around the 100$ range which isn't too bad.

              I get the aversion to paying a high price for jeans, but there really is a big difference you can feel. The denim is a noticeably better quality. In the case of Lucky, its much much softer and more comfortable for example. Also, they are more durable and wash better. I'd rather spend 100$ on a pair of jeans that looks about the same after 2 years of wash and wear then spend 40$ on a pair that's going to fade, fray and look old in 4 months and need replacing in 8.

              That goes extra for your "nice jeans". Its one thing to have jeans for hanging around or working on the car, but its another to have those jeans that you pair with your nice casual shoes and a polo or button down sport shirt to wear out to the bar or on the social scene. (you know, the ones with the slightly dark wash that you tried on twice before buying) You bought those specifically to look a little sharper and dress up your casual look. Thus, as soon as they start showing wear, they can no longer serve their purpose.



                I don't want to sound like a douche, I know that this forum looks down on that (as do I), I feel as though this must be said. Unless it's selvedge denim made in a non third world country, I can't figure for the life of me why anyone would pay more than $40 for jeans.

                I bought these on sale at Pacsun about 8 months ago and they look the same now as when I bought them.


                I paid $18.99 for them. They fit great and seem to be quality enough for what I wear them for (they're made in China, I know. Where are Lucky's made?), which is usually "On the social scene" as they're a darker wash. J. Crew sell the 484 jeans for $98. This is absurd. I've felt them, tried them on, and said "No, thanks." They're made in China and (as far as I can tell) are no different in terms of quality and construction than the Bullhead jeans I got from Pacsun.

                If I'm wrong in having this mind set, please tell me. As far as I'm concerned paying extra money for a brand even when the quality is identical to a less expensive option is absolutely insane.



                  Just got some Levi 505s in tumbled rigid. Love them. Wish I could afford the Seven for All Mankind's but that's about three times to rich for my blood. Can't go wrong with good old Levi's.



                    I've got a pair of Paper Denim and Cloths that I got at a consignment shop and really like. For day to day though, I've been wearing the Lands End Canvas Heritage Straight, or whichever ones that have been on sale for 15 bucks a pair and are a tad roomier than 501s. I don't know that they are a deal at full price, but they are certainly a steal on clearance (and have been on clearance approximately forever).



                      I've been living in my 514's and my LE Heritage Straight. Great fit and great price. They actually supplanted of a pair of Lucky Brand and a pair from Banana, which both cost significantly more.



                        Why can't Levi's afford to make them in the US? If they charged $5 more per pair just to pay for US manufacturing, I would pay it and they would be my top brand. Seriously, what kind of set up is this when America's jean brand isn't able to get produced in America? (I know they have some specialty USA jeans, I have one, but it should be the whole brand)

                        Eh. Anyways, to those who don't get the expensive jeans thing, it just depends on the brand. It is true that many brands with higher prices are very similar quality to cheaper jeans, but on many you can see and feel differences. Whether it comes to how the detail is applied, the feel of the denim, or the looks. I personally have never found as nice of denim as my Levi's Capital E's, but there probably is even better out there.



                          According to wikipedia, Lucky's are mostly made in the U.S. thought they expanded to several other countries last year. (Probably to serve some of their global markets). Its also says US made and sold Lucky brand are actually hand made. I can say with certainty, you CAN eaily feel the difference. The first time I put a pair on I immediately noticed the material felt very good. Right now I can wear BRs on Monday, Gap on Tesday and Lucky on Weds and the difference is VERY noticeable. After my first two pairs, it literally broke me of the habit of just buying cheap jeans.

                          On another note, as I said, there isn't any crazy, brand identifying stuff on them (besides the universal jeans standard back beltloop tag). You don't see someone in a pair and go "oh those are Lucky Brand". I have however worn them a had a few chicks just randomly say "oh, those are nice jeans."

                          They came recommended from a girl I know who is really knowledgable about all that stuff. She's into Rock and Republic herself which are verynice but very more expensive 200ish, but I can't do it. They are cut really skinny through the leg. No, not "skinny jeans" as in the style, but all their regular styles are cut towards a tall slim person's fit. Point is, their cut doesn't work for me.



                            I just wish there were a major US made jeans brand, not US brands mostly made in other countries. I have a pair of Guess jeans that I like because they are plain, dark, and fit great, but I won't be buying from them again because Guess seems to rarely style them like that.

                            What are the difference in slim fit Levi's? Can anyone clarify what their experiences are with slim (not skinny, not straight) jeans?



                              My current favorite is Lee jeans. Look great, fit great, and when worn in they are sooo comfortable. I know there are better brands, but it's hard to beat ~$30 per pair (especially if your body shape changes often).



                                I always get jeans at Nordstrom rack. You can get really great deals if you dig. I never pay more than $40.

                                My favorites are a lighter pair of straight leg Paper, Demin and Cloth jeans that are currently on their last leg after 5+ years, A pair of gray straight Lucky Jeans, A pair of dark tighter Levi's, and some slightly boot cut Joe's Jeans.