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    Favorite Jeans

    What is your favorite pair of jeans and why? What about favorite jeans brand in general?

    I have a pair of Stitch's in Barfly fit that I love and a pair of Levi's Capital E hand mades that I love too. I have never found another denim as nice to me as the Capital E's (I think Capital E's have been renamed a couple of times by Levi's). It is smooth, cool, shiny, and has a nice rich darkness that looks extra shiny due to the way the white opposites are slightly stained by the indigo. I love them for the denim alone, but they have some neat details and comforts.

    So tell me about yours. Do you love simple jeans, expensive jeans, cheap jeans, or something else? I'd love to hear.


    I have a pair of DKNY Williamsburg Fit Jeans that fit me incredibly well. I bought them off a Macy's one day sale for like $30, and they are now my best pair.

    I prefer gray/black jeans. I only own one pair that's blue, and they are a deep indigo blue. I don't really have a favorite brand of jeans. I like to keep them simple. I own ones from express, levi, guess, and DKNY.



      I refuse to spend over $40 on a pair of jeans.

      Levi's 514. I have only two pair in the same dark wash that I wear and wash them every few weeks at most. They're simple and break-in well. I used to have some Gap Standards before I lost a good 25+ pounds, but now there's too much excess fabric so it's strictly Levi's for me. I'm of the belief that once you find a brand that works, especially go with it.



        Levi's 514s for me too, but I've noticed a decline in quality recently.



          Of my two pairs, one is from Macy's and one I ordered online. I've definitely noticed a difference in quality...with the online pair being of a higher one.



            I am BR straight leg for nights out and Boot cut for daytime kinda dude. They hold up pretty well. I guess I am like some here where I refused to spend ridiculous amounts on denim.



              Todd Shelton Watts Dark Rinse Jean. The best fitting pair of jeans I have ever worn. I never thought I would spend more than $50 on jeans, but these are well worth it.



                Seven for all Mankind Standard fit in Worn Mercer, always ordering one inch less than my measured waist to account for stretching.



                  I had been wearing various roomier Express jeans that I still had from my college days. Tried the slimmer Levi's 501 thanks to Dappered and I got alot of positive feedback so far. I hope I don't end up in a pair of skinny jeans one day.



                    Ha! I used to think the same thing...and now I want to try on a pair of skinny jeans. Just to see.



                      I've searched high and low. Spent money and time to finally find the right cut, Levis 511.



                        one of my favorite pairs is actually a pair i got from land's end a couple of weeks ago for $15 in rinsed indigo. slim, but not skinny - a nice, clean fit.



                          So, I just saw the new Levi's 513, I may cop a pair. Apparently, they're more tapered than 501's, but not as slim as the 511's. 511's are like jeggings on me. I can't wear them. 501's look like bell-bottoms on me.



                            @Albert, do you know how that fit compares to the 514? Slimmer I'm guessing? If so that is fantastic and let me know how that turns out as I have the exact same trouble with Levis

                            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                              I have 4 pairs I wear.

                              Inky blue 514s- My favorite by a mile. Wear them almost every day and never wash them. They don't need it. I check.

                              Black 514s one waist size bigger than the others- Not all my shirts are fitted yet, and I feel weird wearing super fitted jeans with a roomier shirt.

                              Gray Old Navy bootcuts- just a slight flare, but I'm thinking of altering them into straight leg. I like the wash and they fit great, but I think boot cuts look bad with smaller shoes like sneakers so I rarely wear them in the summer, which is when they would really shine.

                              medium blue old navy straight leg jeans (beaters)

                              I love my 514s, but in my waist size they are just a bit slim legged for me. Next time I am in the store I'm gonna try some 501s sized down.