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    Anybody have any experience getting stylish eyeglasses on the cheap either online or in NYC?

    I've only just discovered, as I've gotten into style and begun to overhaul my wardrobe, that my glasses aren't an ideal shape for my face (my face is oblong, so I need a frame where the lenses have a healthy amount of vertical height). Problem is, my current glasses, which are only a year old, were on the expensive side (they're Mykitas), and I don't think my wife will be happy to hear I'm already hunting for a new pair. So I need a price tag that won't ruffle any matrimonial feathers for a frame that better compliments my face and doesn't look cheap.

    Also, if anybody has any knowledge about selling eyeglasses used, I'd be interesting in hearing how that works, as it'd be a shame to have spent all this money on a nice pair of glasses and only gotten a year of use out of them.


    Not sure how sell used one. But I have used Warby Parker three times. Love the product each time. Looks great and they aren't too pricy at 100 a pair. Their customer service is second to none, especially with the try at home pairs.

    "We had a sick night b*tches!"



      Wow, WP's showroom is literally down the block from my job. Looks pretty sweet. Will definitely have to check them out. Thanks, Leslie!



        Which showroom?

        I forgot to get my pupillary distance when I got my prescription updated. Walked into LensCrafters, and they flatly refused to measure mine. They know why.






            The one on Lafayette in NYC, Nicholas.



              I thought about going with Warby Parker when I was getting my prescription updated a while back. Tried two batches on at home and wasn't especially thrilled with any of them - yeah, $100 is a good deal for Rx glasses, but as far as I could tell, you got what you paid for in quality. No nose pads, no adjustable arms, no spring-loaded hinges = meh. I've worn glasses daily since 2nd grade so I guess you could say I have higher expectations than most.

              Plus I learned they won't do prisms, which I need in one eye. I was more than a little miffed when I asked about it, and they suggested that maybe I didn't really NEED the prism... yeah, buddy, I don't really need the vertigo that I get without them, either.

              I ended up splurging and getting some really high-end specs. My reasoning: My glasses are the thing I wear more than any other single item of apparel I own. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do (other than shutting off my alarm) is put on my glasses. The last thing I do before I go to bed is take them off. The only time they come off otherwise is when I'm swimming or in the shower. Plus, my glasses aren't just an accessory - they are a part of my identity as far as I present myself to other people. They are literally the thing people have to stare at when they talk to me.

              Not only that, but my vision is the most important sense I have. Without it, I'd be screwed.

              If I'm going to splurge on ANY item of apparel, it makes sense that I would splurge on glasses.

              So I spent way more money than I should have and got high-end, handmade Dutch glasses from a designer I'd never heard of and never seen before in any glasses shop. But it has been more than worth it - these are the best-looking and most comfortable glasses I've owned, and they suit my face far more than anything else I looked at.

              If you wear glasses every minute, every day like I do, my recommendation would be to suck it up and spend the money you need in order to get the glasses that suit you best. Those might be $100 Warby Parkers and they might not be. But as long as you plan your budget around it, I don't think your spouse will have too much reason to object.




                I completely agree, Ben. That was my logic when I splurged on glasses last year. And the pair I got express my personality and are sharp as hell. They don't look bad by any stretch, but they just don't fit my face in the way I now recognize they should.

                If I could re-sell my current pair, I'd consider getting a new pair at or near the same price point. But, assuming I can't re-sell them, there's no way I can sell a splurge to my wife, especially because I've been making a steady stream of clothes purchases these past few months as I revamp my wardrobe.



                  I used and am relatively pleased with them for less than $100. They are currently having a sale. Better than Eyefly in that they go down really low in terms of strength. Mine are lower than -10.00 in each eye and they went that low.



                    @ S_D: If you have a Costco membership, you might take a look in their optical department. They don't have a huge selection, but they do carry the same brand names as other mid-tier optical shops for quite a bit cheaper. The last couple pairs I had were Perry Ellis from Costco, and ran me about $120 a pair, complete with all the bells and whistles for the lenses (~$50 for the frames, ~$70 for the Rx lenses).

                    I actually looked at Costco first when I got my newest glasses. I only turned to other sources when I couldn't find anything I really liked there.




                      I agree to make an investment in glasses if you can. I spent a lot up front but have had them for at least 3 years now and still love them. They are also still in tip top shape.

                      That being said, I just bought sunglasses from Warby Parker and really like them. They have some drawbacks, sure, but seem pretty great on a budget.

                      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                        I love my warby parker frames. The lack of nosepads isn't a quality issue, most plastic frames don't have/need them. Adjustable arms and spring-loaded hinges would be nice, but paying 3x as much money for a pair with protective features is probably not going to pay off unless you take a lot of basketballs to the face.

                        The frames and lenses actually seem higher quality than most other pairs I have owned and I am nothing but satisfied with them. Probably had them a year now and still getting compliments.



                          At the risk of piling on, I'll also cast my vote for Warby Parker. My glasses are for reading only; however, that translates into about 10 hours of my day. I think they are extremely comfortable, stylish, and damn if that isn't a good price.



                            I am gonna +1 Ben's opinion of Warby Parker. I got home try on and found the quality of the frames itself rather disappointing and cheap feeling. I think for the money you get your money's worth, but I would rather pay a little more and get even RayBans which - to me - feel much, much nicer. The plastic of the Warbys just seems chalky and cheap in comparison.

                            With the free at home try on, though, why not give it a go?



                              Fellas, can we get some pics of your glasses similar to the "What's on your wrist?" thread? Thanks in advance.