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How to vet a tailor?

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    Ah my bad! You're a good advocate for him though.



      Well today was the day. I'd say i'm pretty pleased overall. But i'll have to wait for you guys to put it through the gauntlet.

      Before & After



        Yeah buddy! Big ups!



          Awesome. That's exactly what I'm hoping to have done for my suit jacket. I just need to find a $5 blazer to get my tailor to try it on first. Might have to use your before/after pics!



            Looks like he did a bang up job. Sleeve length is spot on and the waist is slimmer w/o being too slim.

            Where's the blazer from? I've been looking for a cotton navy blazer and having a hard time finding one I love, but yours is exactly the kind of thing I have in mind.



              Its this LL Bean one. Goes on deeper sale from time to time.




                Cool, thanks, Jordan.

                Is the fit TTS? I'm 5'8" and a bit of a tweener between 36R and a 38R, but my narrow-ish shoulders make me lean more towards 36. There's no 36R, so I'm not sure if I should try a 36S or 38R.

                FWIW, I'm short enough that most S's don't look inappropriately short on me, but I'm tall enough that they do tend to look trendy. The blazer's going to be a few-times-a-week staple for me, so I don't want it to look noticeably trendy. But maybe an S will look more natural since it's a blazer and not a suit jacket?



                  im 5'10" and the 38 fit me perfect in the shoulders but as you can see needed to come in at the waist and the sleeves are quite long (functional cuffs, so they had to take them up at the shoulder).

                  It's also fairly cropped, as well. It was long enough for me, but just barely.



                    Thanks again, Jordan--that's helpful info. Very long sleeves + functional sleeve buttons makes me wary of pulling the trigger on this blazer, especially with the other sizing uncertainty I already have with it. Too bad--I really like it.



             cost a little bit to have it tailored but I wanted to give them something of a challenge to see if they could do it right. I consider it money well spent since now I feel confident taking my other (easier) items there.