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    Bonobos Pants (NEW BATCH)

    I just got a new pair of slim fit washed chinos in my size 31x30 and they fit like it was a 33x30.

    Their response was just switch to a lower size. It's driving me crazy the inconsistency of the pants.

    have you encountered any problems?


    my 31x30 slim straights all fit like I imagine they should, and all the same.



      Got this pair of Straight Fit slacks from Bonobos - I've got a chronic case of Muscle Leg, so no slim fit - but these things are massive. They look like $100+ skateboarding slacks. Had to take them in from the knee down, over an inch on each leg.



        I generally size down 1 on Bonobos pants, except for the few wool dress pants I tried which seem slimmer. There is still some inconsistency, but the return/exchange process is so simple it's worth it to get the right fit.



          Yeah, I think it's hard to complain with their return policy. From now on just order sizes 30-33, pick one and return the rest.



            Personally I have pretty much stopped ordering from Bonobos. The inconsistency in sizing is frustrating but luckily the return policy makes it at least livable. My issue with them is amount of excess material right above the knee and and through the bottom of the calf. The area above the knee just doesn't look right and no matter what i do the material below the knee just wants to lay horizontally and gives off a boot cut or bell bottom look even in the straight fit.

            Their selection of materials and patterns is great but my frustrations with these issues is just too much.



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                Not related to the OP's question, but I had the same experience exactly as the person who had to take in their straight fits up there. Their straight legs looked, on me, wider/more flared than their bootcuts looked on their models. idk.

                I'd be disappointed if this was a serious problem, though! I'd just noticed their line of slim pants and was very interested in a few of the pairs.



                  I can spot Bonobos pants from a mile away. Well fitted pants that look boot cut no matter what. I fear to think what the actual boot cut pants look like.



                    AJ I don't really understand your issues. Im wearing the slim straights and they dont look boot cut in the least.

                    EDIT: Actually, bonobos pants can run long off the rack. Maybe you just need to hem them.



                      Oh yeah the slims are great and agree with you they don't look bootcut at all. However, so few styles come in the slim straight so tough for me to find anything I would wear.



                        Yeah, I think he was talking about the straight legs, not the slim straights. I would agree with him that not only do they come in like five or six colors, but they come in a grand total of like... three or four everyday ones. Their light gray ones have sold out and not come back!