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Perfect Staple Brown Shoe?

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    Perfect Staple Brown Shoe?

    Ive been looking for the perfect brown shoe for work to wear a few days a week. I'm looking for something like the walnut color AE has. I'd like the shoe to be a bit plainer so it doesn't stand out out if I wear it 2 or even 3 days in a week. Also I'm looking for something preferably less than $200 or close to it.

    Something like the AE Weybridge or Flatiron without the medallions. Thought about the J&M Letson medallion but that is a bit dark and once again the medallion is a bit flashy.

    I just saw the perfect shoe through a link someone posted here. If only they weren't $400! You guys have any suggestions around $200?

    Perfect toe shape. Good Color. Bit much on the burnishing But gotta love the whole piece.

    Thanks for the help

    Side note: 1st post. Lurker for awhile. Y'all don't know it but you've helped me a ton on improving my wardrobe. Thanks!


    Honestly, anything in a walnut color is going to standout a LOT.

    If I could re-do my shoe collection, I would probably go with the Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue as my go-to brown shoe. It's a more inconspicuous color, with just a little touch of broguing to make it interesting. You can find them for $230 or so on sale.

    There are other brands that I prefer that have smaller broguing, but they are more in the $400+ range.

    If you are set on the walnut color and want something simple, you could consider the Kenilworth plain toe shoe as well.



      @quack: Are you looking for a balamoral specifically? I do pretty well with my AE kenilworth bluchers. Which give me pretty decent versatility between casual and business casual.



        If you know your size you can go on ebay for under 200 easy, if they look new then no issues(I've bought 3 used pairs and all were great. I was afraid of ebay due to people saying shoes mould to your feet... I think that's BS my AEs are the stiffest feeling insoles ever there is no foot forming happening.

        Just from my experience

        Magnanni or Allen Edmonds are good

        J&m are ok

        You could also try:


        Cole hann


        Ferragamo (sp?)

        Brooks brothers(outsourced to various quality shoe makers)



          Thanks for the quick responses all.

          Yep looking for something simple for my main go to brown shoe. I can branch out more later.

          Thanks for pointing me to the Kenilworth, that looks like a good option. Just need to look out for a sale.

          Your right walnut does stand out but I prefer wearing brown shoes with gray and navy instead of the standard black.

          I need to find my size in AE, I have a pretty narrow foot and usually wear a 10 or 10.5. Anyone know how the Kenilworth fit?



            I have a pair of JM black cap toe I was going to upgrade to 5th aves when they wear out. So I was thinking something a lil different for my brown shoes.



              Quack, ae has a print out you can use to gauge your length and width search for that on their site its pretty good.



                Shadow-Thanks. I'll try that out. Seems my local Nordstrom doesn't carry them to get fitted.

                Any chance these will be on sale during the upcoming Nordstrom sale?



                  I also agree that AE 5th Ave in brown is probably my ideal "staple" brown shoe. I'll likely be picking up a pair one of these days.

                  However, in the meantime I'm wearing the Cole Haan Air Adams and I like them a lot. They're very comfortable (more so than my Strands), and being that they're rubber soled, they make for a better beater shoe. They retail for ~$200, but with sales you can get them closer to $100.



                    @Acousticfoodie: The Kenilworth, is that the 'Walnut Burnished calf' or 'Brown Burnished in that pic? Nice pair of shoes.



                      @Quack - When I looked at the shoes you linked to, I immediately thought of these Mercanti Fiorentini from DSW that Joe always seems to feature: 225006&productRef=SEARCH

                      But yeah, agreed with the rest. I bought my first pair of Allen Edmonds less than a year ago, and I'm sold on them. Agreed with Deke; I plan to pick up a pair of brown fifth avenues in the future as my staple brown shoes.



                        OP: The Kenilworth definitely runs a bit longer/wider than other AE's, so you -might- have to size down 0.5. I'm normally a 9D in AE's. The 8.5 was just a touch too tight for me, but the 9's were quite large, so I ended up just deciding that the Kenilworth wasn't ging to work for me.

                        The color shown is brown burnished calf - the walnut is a lot lighter.

                        I've seen them go for ~ $180 on good deals at

                        Also though, while I was originally looking at plain toes, I now think they are just a bit too boring. (The AE Leeds is another plain toe option).

                        My problem is that I own the AE Strands in burnished brown, so it seems a little crazy to me to also buy the 5th avenues since they are so similar in that color. UGH. What to do.



                          my go to brown shoe is the brown john varvatos oxford. ive had it for about a year and i absolutely love it, i get lots of compliments on it, and its super comfortable:




                            My go to brown shoes are the AE Clifton's in Walnut (they also come in brown). They were on sale during Nordstrom's last couple half yearly sales for 199.