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Thrifting in DC

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    Thrifting in DC

    Quick question, as I've gathered there are a fair number of readers in the DC area: Where are some of your favorite places for thrifting? I haven't delved deep into the thrift scene in this area, but now that I've found a good tailor it might be worth my time. Any recs?


    Mens thrifting in DC primarily sucks. I've searched many forums and checked out a few places but have not yet had much luck.

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      There is a place on U St. NW called Rock It Again. Nice finds there...or, at least, there used to be.



        What tailor did you find?

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          Kim's Custom Tailor, which is at 10th and M SE (by the Navy Yard). Had great work done to a couple of blazers and some shirts. He came highly recommended and so far I've been happy. Sounds like I won't be taking many sweet thrift store finds his way...ha.



            I have had zero luck on my thrifting attempts in the NoVA area (alexandria and arlington).

            I'd be up for a thrift exchange on here... I do occasionally run into some stuff, but just not in my size.

            I'm always looking for:

            - beater wingtips in 9D

            - slim blazers in 38R

            - suits in 38R



              I've also tried in the same area zerostyle, but I've found absolutely nothing.