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[REVIEW] Renapur Shoe Balsam (high quality shoe care) review

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    [REVIEW] Renapur Shoe Balsam (high quality shoe care) review

    Has anyone tried using this product?

    I heard about this product through a style guide and decided to check them out as I have many pairs of shoes and getting them polished regularly adds up in expenses.

    After watching the video, I decided to make the plunge and buy.

    One bottle/container will polish *supposedly* 500 pairs of shoes.

    With international shipping and etc. I bought the Leather care kit (balsam, hi-gloss shine polish, leather cleaner + applicator sponges) for about 45 pounds. Don't remember the pounds to dollar ratio.

    I've used the balsam on a couple of pair of shoes so far. I have to say that it does a GREAT job of eliminating scuffs, light dirt, dust, and most importantly nourishing the leather of your shoes to protect it.

    I also used it on a sneaker that had some major black scuffs on the white rubber soles. The black scuffs disappeared like magic.

    The hi-gloss shine works superbly. I didn't want to see my face in the shoe, so I used it sparingly.

    I haven't tried the leather cleaner yet, as its purpose is for heavy duty cleaning. Maybe if I go on a long motorcycle ride, I'll have a use for it.

    The only complaint I have about the balsam is that it is difficult to see how much you've put on the applicator sponge. It's hard to know whether I put too much or too little.

    All in all, I don't think I'll ever have to get a professional shoe shine again.


    Have you tried Meltonian cream?

    And saphir wax is top notch wax base from most opinions.

    Apparently lexol is great conditioner as well.

    I polish my own shoes and get some pretty good results, nice reflection etc. Plus side it helps my shoulder endurance until they figure out if I get surgery or not.



      @shadow, have you noticed any disocoloring when using Meltonian? I've seen it a bit on my AE Van Ness. Perhaps I just don't have the best color.



        What colour did you use? I haven't used meltonian, i've used moneysbest dark brown and black. The Dark brown made my Cortland AE's darker, which I actually wanted.

        This was my order I placed, will try it out when I get it, curious how burgundy works on the shoes I just got, London Tan people said matches walnut(I have AE walnut polish as well so I can compare colours), got the brown for my strawfuts(hope it matches) and cognac for future shoe purchase colour I want.

        Delicate cream is backup plan for walnut/light shoes that I don't want discoloured.

        Meltonian Shoe Cream ML4500 1 2.75 Colors = 120 Brown


        Meltonian Shoe Cream ML4500 1 2.75 Colors = 9 London Tan


        Meltonian Shoe Cream ML4500 1 2.75 Colors = 72 Cognac


        Meltonian Shoe Cream ML4500 1 2.75 Colors = 145 Burgundy


        Lexol Leather Conditioner None 1 7.99

        Meltonian Shoe Cream ML4500 1 2.75 Colors = 170 Delicate Cream




          Well I tried the burgundy on a spot on my J&M burgundy's and didn't notice a change in colour.

          Also tried the Cognac AND Saddle Tan on AE Walnut player's and both seemed to be fine, cognac looks more like a match but I will try a full round here after a couple more spot test