I've gotten into some new colors this season (first summer where I'm properly into men's fashion - last summer I was buying nicer stuff than normal but knew far, far less). Problem is, they all seem sort of like spring/summer colors, and I'm unsure about what one is technically "supposed" to wear come fall/winter.

Here are a few things that I have some questions about: a 1MX pastel pink shirt, a light pink striped OCBD, a lavender striped OCBD, a plaid white/lavender dress shirt, a lavender silk/cotton (?) v-neck, pastel yellow/blue plaid, a deeper purple dress shirt with white stripes, a pastel peach OCBD, and a cream v-neck sweater with navy stripes (the supima one from LEC Joe featured). A lot of these have been procured from recent sales so I suspect many of you have actually seen/also bought the pieces in question.

Also, are oatmeal colored pants considered the same as white ones, in terms of seasonal use?