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    Ridiculously comfortable, ridiculously expensive.

    My go-to for any type of traveling... Still hunting for something comparable that is at least a little bit cheaper.



      I have both boxers and briefs. Can't say I like either one too much, but it mostly doesn't bother me unless I have tighter pants or I'm driving a lot.



        For the last time... Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs are the best ever.



          Uniqlo Airism are by far the best I've ever worn. There are various lengths of boxer briefs:

          I still like loose cotton boxers for sleeping, but for wearing under clothes I doubt I'll ever buy cotton underwear again.



            someone needs to start a uniqlo shipping business that isn't $70 an order



              Fantastic. Now I'm wondering what I'm missing out on by wearing cotton instead of high tech Japanese underwear.



                A dry pair of kahonies brusch



                  shad0w4life, Mere words cannot describe my curiosity.



                    Jockey just sent me a print catalog (I wonder who sold them my name). Some of the stuff looks good, but since I work a block from Uniqlo no need for me to change.



                      I haven't had much success in this area either. After buying a few different brands and pairs over the last two months in search of something better, these are the ones I like best:

                      They're not restrictive like briefs but also don't have excess fabric like some boxers due to being cut slim. I like that they fit close and are both comfortable and flattering. I bought them on sale, so they were much cheaper then (I think 25% off with free shipping). When another good sale comes around, I'll be picking up a few more.



                        I've commented on this in a recent "pants too tight" thread, but my underwear also seems to contribute to an overall tightness that worries me. Gotta let my boys breathe.

                        I wear CK boxer-briefs, but they feel entirely too constricting when I wear a suit. My CK boxers are better but still not perfect.

                        Before I start going commando to work--and I am legitimately considering this--do you have any other suggestions on super comfortable undies?



                          Trunks or boxers. Never briefs or boxer-briefs. I switch depending on the scenario.



                            Heh. I'm wearing the Lucky boxer briefs mentioned above on this very day.


                              Alright, reviving this thread. I have recently become fed up with the world of boxers. I've had a stand-by brand forever and am now looking into boxer-briefs or some sort of trunk briefs (I like the idea of the shorter leg).

                              Seriously, how the hell do you choose? There are so many options. In a perfect world, I'd find a boxer or trunk-type brief with legs that don't stretch throughout the day or ride up. Help is appreciated, as always.
                              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                                Trunk briefs take some getting used to if you are coming from boxer briefs. 2(x)ist has a line at Target and I picked up a pack to check out. I think trying a cheaper version out before going for some designer underpants is a must.